Only a Week Away Now..

azzaleaFebruary 6, 2013

What are you planning for your sweetie for Valentine's Day?

I picked up the usual heart-shaped ravioli from the pasta factory around the corner. Will serve that with sausage, probably, and a salad and homemade rolls (I have a recipe that tastes just like Bertucci's rolls). Haven't decided on dessert yet--probably something chocolate.

We don't go overboard, just make it a nice day for each other.

DD will be here over the weekend, so I'll make heart-shaped Raspberry Chocolate pastries for our breakfast. And I got her the I-pad cover she's been wanting. Don't usually spend that much on a V-day gift, but I know she wants it, so decided to splurge. I'm making her some sea-salted, chocolate-covered caramels, as well--her fav.

So what will you be doing for your family this year? Maybe I'll get a dessert idea from one of you?

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I wish my DH was still living - it was his favorite holiday - thus, no plans here, sadly.

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At 40 minutes after midnight on Valentine's Day, my DH and I take off from Los Angeles headed for Hong Kong to start a 21-day tour of Southeast Asia. Pretty special Valentine's Day this year. Normally I only get dinner and flowers. :-)


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Safe journey ... and some worthwhile adventures, Jodi.

Not a special plan, here - Valentine's Day wasn't such a big deal, with us.

ole joyful

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Oh, Kay, I'm so sorry.

Jodi--what a great V'day for you--enjoy your trip!

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Nothing special here, but we don't celebrate many holidays--no reason, guess because neither set of parents did--

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I usually make heart-shaped meatloaf for Valentine's Day. It's been a tradition for over 40 years from when the kids were small. We love meatloaf and I don't make it that often, keeping it special. My meatloaf has a red barbecue sauce so it's in keeping with the holiday.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have no idea I would prefer to be taken out to dinner but we rarely go out during the week so my guess is I will be here cooking something, we usually only do cards, which reminds me I need a card LOL
The last few years I have been making my own cards and I like that but sometimes I forget!

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Nothing special here DH says it is a made up Hallmark Holiday just to make $$~~~but, he is sweet to me all through the year. So that is OK with me;)

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Nothing special these days. I am babysitting for my daughter this weekend so they can do their Valentine's Day dinner early in west Los Angeles. The following week prices go up an additonal $100 or more for their dinner out, if they can even get a reservation. So being old marrieds, they go out the week before.

Our son emailed that his wife designed a darling Downton Abbey Valentine's card and is selling it at her Etsy shop, and it is going gang busters. If you want to see her cute card, which is printed on wood, it is at I love it and think it is so cute. They are our newlyweds.

I gave my daughter my heart shaped pans, or I would make some Rice Crispy Treats in them for my visit that week. Ah well, she wants to make chocolate covered strawberries, and that will be sweets enough.

My DH usually brings home a rose after his morning coffee out.

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our wedding was supposed to have been on valentines but ended up it's kind of card only or if the sugarfree chocolates are on sale we splurge, lol...

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Nothing special for us. I did make a card for my hubby and mailed a box of goodies to our daughter.

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Just cards at this point in our lives. We go out to eat so much that it's nice to stay home. It was never a big deal here in Ma. I think in the south they do it up big.

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To my DD and her boyfriend I am sending a stainless tea pot. They had one with the porclain and it did not work out well on their gas stove.
To my DS I am sending a gallon jar of pickled bologna. He says he can't find it in Chicago.
Both will get cards also.
For SO a very mushy card and a heart shaped box of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups---the box is even orange.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Pickled bologna! I have never heard of it. Sounds it something I might find in a southern grocery?

"Nothing says 'I love you ' like some pickled bologna." :-)

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We don't do anything special, either. We both feel like YogaLady--just a Hallmark holiday. I used to get Harry a card and one year I forgot. Thinking I may have one in my card stash, I found the card I'd given him the year before. Geez, didn't even have to sign it :-) He never knew, so I kept giving him the same card for about 4-5 years when finally I couldn't help but burst out laughing after he read it. Hmmm, maybe that card's still in the drawer.

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I know, right, pickled bologna. When DS was home for Christmas he asked me to send him some since he couldn't take it back with him on the plane. I guess it is a Southern thing, not sure. I've only ever lived in Kentucky and it has always been available here.
Patti, that is so funny. I did almost the same thing to SO, after the 3rd year he figured it out, but that didn't stop me. He gets the same card every year. We usually don't do anything special either, but Reeses cups are his very favorite candy and the box was orange just like the wrapper--I couldn't resist.

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I sent cards to friends, aunts and uncles and my parents. I try to send cards for each holiday as a way to let them know that I'm thinking about them and staying in touch. Obviously, we are not a Facebook family...LOL! I'll set the table with a Valentine's theme, but the food will be our normal menu.

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