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DC-IndyMay 29, 2011

I admit I am a house-style snob. I seem to only like houses that clearly fit a particular period or style. I have owned, rehabbed and cared for a number of houses, including craftsman bungalow, Tudor and a Foursquare. At 43, I have decided I am tired of dedicated all my time to working on old houses.

I wasn't planning on a buying a house, especially one that doesn't seem to fit a specific style or period. But that is exactly what has happened.

I have always found stone ranch homes of great interest. A came across a small, 1950s home, and I am not sure why, but I really liked it. It just seems like it will be so easy to maintain.

Anyway, I am about as black and white as anyone can be. I must label everything. But, to my amusement, this little house I am about to call home, defies to be put into any period or style. Maybe I am wrong.

The house is in a neighborhood of primarily 1940s and 1950s brick and stone ranches, cape cods and a bungalow-like houses. The house I have bought, has a somewhat unusual floor plan, almost like a mid-century modern (which is probably my favorite sytle of all.) I realize this is NOT a mid-century modern, but it is very 50s. It was built in 1952. I suspect it is just a tract house built to no specific style. But, hey, I gotta ask.

The 3 bedrooms are along the back of the house, which is a little odd. A small entry way, which is actually on the side of the house, leads to a hallway on one side to access the bedrooms or to the living room on the other. A floor to ceiling stone fireplace is in the living room. The garage, while attached, is accessed by an exterior door on the covered front porch directly across from the main entry.

In short, it seems like a ranch house turned sideways.

I have attached a pic of the house as well as an aerial view. If anyone can give my any insight to the style, assuming there is one, or how homes like this came to be, I would be grateful.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of house

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From the one photo it appears to be a ranch variation of the Modern style

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It's a really cute post-war ranch. I don't think there is a more descriptive term than that. I love the window in the slab front door, the use of stone and the beautiful hardwoods.

If you haven't already, youneed to check out Retro Renovation -- she embraces all things post-war, from clasic to kitsch. And there is a 50/50 chance you're in Indy, so also check out Atomic Indy. Baz has a great blog and those folks get together for parties, house tours, etc.

Atomic Indy:

Here is a link that might be useful: Retro Renovation

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There's no mystery. It's a tract ranch house.

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I also have a ranch style house that is entered from one of the short sides of the rectangle. It was built in 1950 and is very sound, with good closets. Is that an add-on in your photo?

My city also has a lot of the Eichler houses from mid-cenrury modern. We have an entire neighborhood of them.

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