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emmy58April 17, 2007

I had a hard time getting rid of college textbooks, after all, they cost over $100 per subject so I thought I had to hang on to them. I moved them several times until I finally got rid of them. I found a student who was majoring in my major (psychology) and gave him all my books. He has told me on several different occassions how much he has enjoyed having them as reference books. He intends to pass them along to others when he graduates.

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Good for you! I'm glad you found someone who could really use them. These have always been a struggle for us. My DH can use some textbooks as reference, but I couldn't wait to ditch them as soon as I could. It never failed that I couldn't sell them back to the bookstore, since the professor always seemed to want the new addition for the next semester.

DH is still constantly buying textbooks, so we run a search on Amazon for the prices on the used books and print that off for our records when donating to the local university library. Itsdeductible only gives general prices for fair market value, where some of his books would sell for 10 times that amount.


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I can't seem to part with my engineering texts, even though I'm now teaching and no longer in an engineering field any more. It's a pride thing...and a lot of good memories wrapped up in those texts.

Now most of my education texts from my master's degree...out. Except for a very few I still use.

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It' s a good idea to try to pass your textbooks on ASAP--before there are developments in your field that make your book a tad obsolete.

And while the professor is still using them.

I didn't keep many; and the only one I've ever used again is my beginning German book.

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If you are buying textbooks, here is another site you might check:

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I just took several to goodwill. They will probably trash them, I don't know, I just didn't see the point of holding onto books i haven't looked at in 15 yrs ... Also there is a website for textbooks called you put in the ISBN and they let you know if they can use it and how much $ you can get.

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I kept most of my college textbooks. Moved them several times, I lived in various apartments for about twenty years. Moved them to my home in 1981, found space for them on my bookshelves. Then one year I decided to have a real clean-out. I donated a bunch to my local libray, threw some away , kept only my yearbook and The Complete Works of Shakespeare. I wish I had thought to give them to a student. I didn't have Craigslist back then . . .

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It's so nice that today there are loads of places to buy, sell or trade second-hand text books, but when I went to college (back in the early 80's) it was unusual to be able to buy or swap books, and they were expensive even back then. Luckily, I was an English major, and so kept most of the fiction I had to buy for school. The rest of the books have vanished over the years with moving, tag sales, library donations and what have you.

My mother still has some of her college text books, as well as some of my Dad's, and as they're all over 40 years old, I can't imagine they'd be of any use to anyone.

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If you're looking to sell textbooks, the best place is through If you're looking to buy textbooks, I've found this site, to be the best site. Just last week, DS asked me to find the best deals for the books he needs this semester (his second year of grad school). It still makes me ill to see the prices on new textbooks! Cheapest Textbooks quickly came up with a list of online places, prices and condition for each book he needed. I then clicked on each to check them out and ended up saving him almost $200 on this semester's textbooks alone.

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"...a lot of good memories wrapped up in those texts..."

That's it, right on the nose. I kept a few text books for several years after I'd graduated, precisely because I had enjoyed the classes (and college overall) immensely - it was a wonderful time in my life. I think more than anything else, the books were just a reminder of that. I finally got rid of them - I don't remember how, it's been so long ago - but I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who hung onto them well after I was done with school!


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