What light over sink

nosoccermomFebruary 20, 2013

I want to install a light over the kitchen sink. There's no other light fixture close by but there's an old covered-up previous light fixture hole that is NOT centered but that I will reuse. Considering these constraints, should I go with a:

Track light

or flush light

I love the idea of a pendant but I'm worried it may not give enough light and it may look weird because it's not centered.

Area looks like this:

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The old hole seems pretty close to center, so it is possible that it could be moved. It depends where the 2x4's in the ceiling are.
Given the constraint that the hole cannot be moved, my preference would be a pendant on a chain, like the one you posted, and I would swag it to hang centered with the window and the faucet.
When you say you are worried about the pendant not being enough light, what other lighting do you have in your kitchen. Track would be my second choice and you can get all kinds of great systems running the track in a swirl across the ceiling with directional heads pointed where you need them or perhaps running the track the perimeter of the room.
Pendant or track- function being the deciding variable.

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There is a three light fixture kind of from where the picture was taken.
A fixed track light with adjustable arms would probably be better because it could also be directed to the counter next to the range.

Here is a link that might be useful: track light

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We have a pendant over the sink, and it provides a lot of light. I would see about moving the fixture.

Or, hang the pendant from the existing fixture. It looks like it is centered between the cabinet and the wall, so it might not look weird at all.

Thumbtack a string from the existing hole, and hang a piece of cardboard from it the size of the pendant, to see what you think.

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