Corners on granite countertop

boxiebabeFebruary 29, 2008

So, last night as we placed our order after much haggling back n forth on price - we found that although we paid through the nose for "bullnose" edges, our KD had placed 6" radius corners on only the pop-outs on the sink and cooktop, and 1 on the end of our peninsula. I didn't even realize it needed any. I would've thought that a bullnose edge would be nice and round all the way around - to avoid hip killers if you run into them?? After reviewing the diagram she sent us, hubby opted to have 2 MORE "radius corners" added; 1 on the other side of the peninsula and 1 on the corner by the door that leads to the deck. Those 2 added yet ANOTHER $100 to the outrageously expensive granite counters.

What do you all think about this?

I am astounded at the price of edging in general where I talked myseld down from the "triple pencil edge" already.

Total cost for us is in the neighborhood of $7500. This includes undermount sink deal and steel supports over the 10" overhang on the peninsula, and 1.5" overhang on the remainder, 3 added holes/grommets, and installation. Gadzooks.

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I'm not sure why you would pay 'through the nose' for bullnose edges. In my (albeit limited) experience, bullnose (which I have) is one of the standard edges that is usually included in the regular price.

Also, I'm not quite clear on what you mean by 6" radius corners on your sink and cooktop 'pop-outs'? My sink is an undermount, and the granite is cut around the outline of the sink.

I have a peninsula and bullnose edging. I'm including a pic for you so you can see. We have 3" radius corners- in other words, the longest part of the peninsula is 3" longer the the corners. This peninsula is actually going to be replaced-(long story), and I think I had originally envisioned the end to be more round- but I like it like this, gives me more useable counter space.

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Have you gone and looked at the bullnose corners? I had thought I wanted a radius to reduce the "hip killer" factor. Then I went to the fabricator's site and saw how they did a regular corner on a bullnose. While it's not a big arc of a circle, it's nicely rounded and there's no hip killer factor. Besides, as raehelen pointed out, you get more usable space and more beautiful granite to admire.

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I'm liking my Quartz even more now, I only paid $1 for each radius corner. Yes I said $1 (at HD)

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My granite co. just left from doing their template so this caught my eye. Per my KD advice, I am doing the ogee edge ($18/linear ft) on the island and an eased edge (free) on the main runs to save money. The edges can really add up for granite if you let them. You may want to consider only bull nosing your feature pieces (island, etc). Another area you may be able to save is doing a half bull nose instead of a full bull nose (very similar look). My fabricator does have an upcharge for both, but the full bull nose is more than the half.
As for the radius questions, my understanding is that usually the cook top and sink cut outs are a straight fee ($175 for sink and $95 for cook top are mine). I wouldnÂt think you should be paying any radius charges for these unless you have really tricky cut outs. I did my corners at a 2" radius on the ends and these are free (not too much more work to go to a 6" radius). I also have some fancy cut work on my island that will be around columns on the corners and these are $100 each, but again they are pretty fancy cuts so I don't think that just doing a 6" rounded corner should cost the same thing.

If you are not comfortable with the prices your fabricator is telling you, IÂd call a few other places in town and ask what they charge for rounding corners. This will give you and idea if you are being given a fair and competitive price.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you everyone for your help. I've gained some new insight on where to go from here. First things first, I am going to take a trip down to the granite place next week and see what regular bullnosed corners are vs. this radius thing.

PS. the pop-outs that I am talking about are.... my sink and my cook top both are more forward than the rest of the counter. Then there's decorative columns on the cabinet underneath them. Make sense? If I could figure out a really super easy way to post a pic - I would. My brain cell usage is to the max right now though with all the choices, shopping around, etc. hehe

PSS: $1 for radius corners????? Hey! We're using Home Depot too! I'm gonna ask them about that!

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boxiebabe...may I ask who is doing your granite (fabricator)?

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Getting it through Home Depot, but the supplier and fabricator is Precision something or another.

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I guess I should rephrase my "paid through the nose", ridiculously expensive comment. HD has been very good to work with and I am not saying that they ripped me off in any way. My comments pertaining to cost are more of a sticker shock over how much it costs to have granite counters -not HD's pricing.

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