Shoebby Shoe Storage?

lorileyApril 13, 2008

Has anyone used these?

I am looking to get good storage for my closest... I like that these are vented, draws, and clear

Just wondering if anyone had any experience...

thanks for the help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shoebby Shoe Storage

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Never saw those before!

I think they are too expensive....

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yeah... and for how long will they stay 'crystal clear'? I bet after a little while they'll get scratches.


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Yikes! Why would you pay $8 each when you can by clear shoeboxes from the Container Store for a quarter of the price? I don't understand why you would want the drawer function or the handle/carrying function. The drawer is completely impractical for shoeboxes that are up on a high shelf, and I don't carry my shoeboxes around that much.

Most of my shoes are on the Container Store's gliding shoe rack on the elfa system. A few are on shelves (not in shoeboxes). The ones I seldom use are stacked on the high shelves in shoe boxes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gliding shoe rack

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well, I can understand the drawer idea. Because you can pull out something from the center without destabilizing the entire stack or having to lift up to get the box to slide out over the lip of the one below it.

I *hate* to stack storage containers w/ the lips.

Drawers won't be useful for high up, that's true.

What about these?
Neat Containers

They're not drawers, exactly, but they interlock in such a way that you can pull the middle one out of a stack, and nothing falls over.

"Take one away, the rest will stay" is their motto.

Shoe kit: 20 pieces for $46
or 30 pieces for $67.

So, $2.30 each--not as cheap as the regular plastic shoe boxes, but maybe more stable if you need to stack them very high.

I've had NO experience w/ these; I just think they're interesting.
They look like a thinner plastic than the drawers you've shown. So they might break more quickly--but not immediately, and not if you don't let the hang around on the floor (the way I would).

The drawers may be sturdier, but they may also be a bit of overkill.
I wouldn't think they'd get scratched up, though--they're not going to be moved around much at all.

The clear tops to the Container Store's boxes will get scratched well before the drawers do.

The Container Store's boxes are better than most, bcs there isn't an indentation on the top to get in the way of sliding the box out. But there's the stability issue, if you do indeed want to stack them more than 2 high.

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Those neat containers look interesting. They might be a good solution for my purses, laid on their sides.

I haven't had any problem with my Container Store boxes scratching. But I only stack them 2-high on shelves. I can see how they'd be a problem if you stack them higher.

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kgsd, they do have several sizes; I'm guessing you saw that.

I have some of the Container Store's boxes; they haven't scratched either; they're a slightly harder plastic (but not as rigid as these drawers look to be).

Which means, those drawers won't get scratched or cloudy, either, esp. since they won't be sliding across the lids of the boxes below.

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I made pictures of my shoes, a pair at a time, with my digital camera. Printed them out in a size to fit the end of the box. Taped the photo to the box. I didn't have to buy anything and I can tell exactly what is in each box.

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