Requesting pictures of your toy organization!

rehsanipoorApril 15, 2010

So I'm tired of my living room and kitchen looking like a preschool! We are going to be moving soon and I want to come up with a good way to organize toys. I want something that will look neat. I've found that open bins tend to look messy and cluttered. Show me what you have done that is neat and easy to stick to!!

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I believe IKEA's Trofast system would be neat and easy to stick to. It is also very versatile and not expensive at all. Love it! Wish we could have it ourselves - not a bit of space for it in our girls' room though... :(

Maria in Chios, Greece

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA'S Trofast System

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I don't have photos, but when my kids were young (under 5) I kept their playpen up in the family room. It bec ame the repository for toys.ames. I'd yell "VClean up" and they'd put all the toys,games, books, Legos, Barbies, etc in the playpen. At least in coralled the mess.

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We bought toy containers for some. The balls all went into a football and a basketball plastic toy holder. The toy kitchen stuff, I just sold off. Kept some special ones and cleaned out a bottom drawer in MY kitchen and in they went. Bought outdoor containers that you can sit on, and put sand toys in one and pool in the other. They are on the deck. Changing table received stuff toys on top shelf. I bought baskets from Michaels Craft store on put misc toys in them on put those on the other two shelves. Was planning on selling the changing table, but it HOLDs a ton of toys. I went out and bought a cheap tall 5 drawer chest. It holds toys in the bedroom. Family room - main level : t Bed Bath and Beyond, I used my 20% coupon and bought the tall chests with wicker drawers, a narrow one and a longer one. They hid toys well, and are furniture. I also bought a wicker chest set that sit as coffee tables for stuff to toss in at the last minute, even kids' blankets. Just get creative. I was a storage footstool for our 'coffee table' for there once I find one. I also bought brand new tall garbage containers and have stuff stored in them. two I turned into tables with tablecloths on them.

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Okay great ideas. I looked at Ikea. I like the Trofast system. I also really like the sound of the wicker chest. I looked at Bed Bath and Beyond but couldn't find it. Maybe they don't have it online.

My big issue isn't necessarily keeping it organized. I do that pretty well, it's just keeping it hidden. Right now I don't have any type of area devoted to play (ie. basement or playroom) so my living room tends to be the playroom and consequently looks like a nursery school all the time!

We are moving to an new home that does have play areas so I'm hoping to come up with a good way of keeping things tidy!

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If your kids are under, say, 9--it's going to look messy, no matter what you do, I think. You can either play with toys or spend time sorting them. I think some bins and totes to corral them are useful, but a space where you can close the door on it all is best.

When my kids were little, I had a rule "no toys overnight in the living room". They had bedrooms where everything returned after use.

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sigh... my oldest is 5 and my youngest is one so I guess I'm doomed to live in a preschool for a while longer!

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you are certainly NOT doomed to live in a preschool!

My oldest is 4,5 and youngest 3,5. We weed their toys regularly and although they do bring stuff out of their room into the rest of the house, they are requested to take it back when they stop playing with it, and they also clean up their room twice a day.

You can do it too!

Maria in Chios, Greece

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