What are your organizing techniques?

marie26April 18, 2007

For me, I first organize like items into boxes or piles. Then, I go through each box and organize again into its designated space. To me, this is much quicker than trying to organize into the proper space while I'm decluttering. The best thing is that after the first go through, the room doesn't look that bad. This gives me the incentive to continue. And since there's boxes, it's easy to do in front of the TV in the evenings.

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I have lots of them--it depends on my mood. And on what sort of organizing or decluttering i need to do.

If it's simple decluttering--stuff that has a home (even if that home is the garbage) is now in the wrong place--I have one approach--not the one you describe.

Sometimes I use "tunnel vision"--I pick up one thing, and put it away, before I touch anything else. This is for when I'm feeling too scattered or too overwhelmed.

Sometimes I sweep everything off a surface into a laundry basket, and put them away.

If it's HUGE project, in which I have lots of stuff to evaluate, and I need to find new storage solutions and new positions on shelves, like DD's closet, I'll pull everything out and sort (or I'll pull them out one-at-a-time, and sort, then put back in)

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I'd tell you my organising technique if I could find it. No, seriously, years ago when I was working I was good at organising things. I don't know what happened. Well, I have a few ideas about what contributed to it but it seems incomprehensible that I could make such an 180 degree turn.

I'm a bit like Talley Sue, depends, but these days I guess the "huge project" technique is the most common. Worked well for the garage recently. If only I could get motivated to do the next one. A couple of silly problems have knocked the wind out of me. (BTW, has anyone ever had an unpleasant experience when washing a vellux blanket? Never owned one before so I'm not sure what's reasonable the first time you wash it.)

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