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Maura63April 19, 2005

For those of you who live with seasonal changes, what's on your once-a-year "To Do" list?

I'm generating two checklists, one for SPRING/SUMMER (the other for FALL/WINTER, which is typically the opposite of SPRING/SUMMER).

For now, please share your tips for a SPRING/SUMMER checklist that occur annually (not a one-time project).

Mine, so far:

*put bumper on trampoline (DONE)

*clean out flower boxes

*clean out leaf debris from house perimeter

*open outside water valves/hook-up hoses

*remove sump pipe (DONE)

*schedule whole-house a/c maintenance (check-up)(DONE)

*schedule carpenter bee treatment (DONE)

*install front and back storm door screens (1/2 DONE)

*store outerwear, mittens, hats, scarves in basement (DONE)

*May: air conditioners in upstairs bedrooms

What else?

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Weed out kids' long sleeves and long pants which won't fit next year, figure out what to keep for next child and give away the rest.

Put the "keeping for the next kid" stuff in the basement and get our the summer stuff for this year.

Weed this year's summer stuff and get rid of the stuff that is too small, too uncool, or too yucky.

Weed and mulch

Put in flower boxes

Put screens on

Take covers of air conditioning units and clean the grates

put away heavy comforters, get out light ones.

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