iron shelves from 'Costco'

natalija_gardenerApril 29, 2010

I am planning on organizing the garage stuff. We have a lot of things in it. We do not use it for cars now.I saw some sturdy shelves in Costco and thinking about buying them. do you reccomend them? Or should I check other stores? I am very new to "organizing garage" thing so I need your advise:-))

Thanks a lot for any help!

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I trust Costco more than just about any other store ( and are the only other two that come close, but they don't really overlap business models!). They might not always be the absolute cheapest, but they'll at least be low priced for the quality.

I described it to my mom after we joined as "We're not saving any money, but we are getting better stuff."

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If you are thinking about shelving for your storage, buy the strongest shelves you can. Both Costco and Sam's have good sturdy shelves. Avoid the plastic shelves, as they won't bear a heavy load.


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Also, try to buy a set of shelving that offers you the opportunity to order an extra shelf. Most shelving units have a lot of wasted "headroom" when they're filled up. Spacing the shelves more closely allows you to create storage without piling stuff on top of other stuff. Even if you end up w/ a very short interval, that will be very useful.

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We found a great shelf system at Sam's Club. It's sturdy, metal and made for a commercial place, like a gas station but it's perfect for what we need. It's 6 shelves high (top about 12" from our 8' ceiling), 4' x 18". Had the name of a large animal--Elephant or Rhino, perhaps. Only $65.

I just hope they still have more when I start reorganizing my garage this summer.

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