ideas needed for slipcovers

bbstxJanuary 24, 2014

I own a pair of these burgundy suede chairs. Although the upholstery is still in good shape, the color won't go in my new house, not even as an accent. I would like to have them slipcovered (I can't bear to tear off the suede), but I can't imagine what I would like for them to look like.

I can see a fitted back, but I get tripped up on the seat. Should it go to the floor? Should it be a box pleated skirt? Any other ideas?

I'm thinking I may slipcover them in a natural twill or linen. Obviously, it needs to be hefty enough that the burgundy doesn't show through. What do you think?

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I have the exact chair I got it at a garage sale!! I did remove it down to the bones and reupholstered it with a painters drop clothe and then made a sweet little slip cover for it. Mine is a butter yellow with pale blue tole on it. Then in the bottom I made a little pleated skirt for her. I love, love, love slipcovers!!! Mostly, because I'm always changing things.

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This is so weird, I have the same chair too. I had never thought of slipcovering it. I would love to see a photo judy!

bbstx, I love the idea of doing something in linen. But you would have to line it with something heavy if it were a light color. I could also see some covered buttons on the back or af the sides.
Do you want to cover the trim on the legs?

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Judy, pictures please! I want to see what someone else did with these chairs. I found a picture on Pinterest where Betsy Speert had covered a similar chair with chintz. Her chair had a short plain skirt.

jjam, covering the trim on the legs is part of where I get balled up. Although in the photo above, Betsy Speert only covered a portion of the knee, I can't tell if there were carvings on the knee or not. I think I would need to cover all of it or none of it, or go to the floor.

I like this toile and intend to use it somewhere in the room.

However, I can't see it as slipcovers for these chairs. (Right now I'm waffling between covering a wing chair with it or making very large pillows for the sofa). I keep thinking I want a heavy cotton with a linen-like texture, and wide trim (greek key tape?) on the lower edge. But for some reason, I can't envision it on this chair!

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Love that photo! I think it looks great and i wouldn't worry about the trim on the legs. If you slipcover it in the linen the character of the chair will also change and it will seem less formal. I honestly think I would prefer the chair with the slipcover on it.

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PHOTO ORIENTATION: I'm curious. When you look at this post, are all of the photos of my chair properly oriented? On my Mac, they are. On my iPad, they aren't. How do you see them?

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Holly- Kay

On my pc they are all oriented correctly. I will check my iPad and let you know.

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Holly- Kay

On my iPad they all appear upside down!

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h-k, same here. That is so frustrating. Wonder if there is something I should do or not do?

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A "tight" slipcover for that seat might be best. Wouldn't the curve of the leg push out a skirt?

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chi, I wondered, too, if a skirt wouldn't flip out. I have some old sheets. I think I might have to make a mock-up to see what is going to work.

How would a "tight" slipcover for the seat work? How would it be kept tight? lacing underneath?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Out of curiosity, esp since I love suede...can the suede be dyed a better color for your room?

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Annie, I don't know if the suede could be dyed or not. I hadn't thought of that. I think I'd like to keep the suede burgundy, though.

The new room is going to be grays, creams, and teal/aquas with the occasional splash of gold. As always, my colors are on the tail end of a trend. I hear the coming trend is jewel tones. So, maybe in the future - as jewel tones are waning, I'll whip off the slipcovers and jump on the jewel tone trend bandwagon. And my burgundy suede chairs will be stylish again.

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Why wouldn't you use the toile for slipcovers?

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kswl, I don't know why I don't want to use the toile for slipcovers. Somehow it just doesn't feel right. All I can figure out is that in my brain slipcovers=feminine and deer toile=masculine. I know neither of those is true, but I just can't see that fabric as a slipcover, at least not on these chairs.

I ordered the swatch thinking that I would use the fabric to slipcover the burgundy chairs, but when it came in, it just didn't feel right.

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