hardwood floor damage

htraceyMay 3, 2011

I own a 1910 up/down douplex. I rent the upstairs, and live downstairs. My last tennants were evicted for being disrespectful of the property. I've repaired most of their damage, now I have some hardwood damage to deal with.

The hardwood is typical of 1920's, so I would say its probably original to the house. One spot looks like a burn spot, and the other looks like a potted plant that regularly overflowed (perfectly round, and very dark).

I would love to repair them without have to refinnish the entire floor. Any thoughts? Has anybody ever tried wood bleach? It looks awful - a couple boards that are "ighter" in color from the bleach would look better then these stains..

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It can be anything from not bad to repair small areas to nearly impossible.

For wood that is actually damaged (and black spots sound like iron staining) it may be better to pull some closet floor boards up and use them for the repair.

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Try this

Water from spills, water from continual source leading to mildew (black) or decay (brown/white) or alkali (white) or bleeding up of adhesive. Urine (dark) from pets, wet diapers. Unprotected metal chair legs. Improper maintenance with water or harsh chemicals. Traffic pattern wear. Excessive harsh sunlight (wood looks starved near South or West facing windows). Light deprivation under area rugs, large low furniture. Be sure to observe if only one piece of flooring is affected, or does the stain continue across adjacent pieces. Oil soap residue.

Correct water source, let dry. Minimize sunlight. Relocate area rugs. Correct maintenance procedures and products. Dark stains, lightly abrade surface with fine sandpaper, feather out area, dampen cloth with 50/50 household bleach & water and lay on stain for 30 minutes, remove, let dry, re-color if necessary. Waxed floors, clean with renovator or paint thinner (combustible) and re-wax. Whiteness/cloudy surface finish, clean and buff. If all fails, screen and coat, sand and refinish, replace severe boards.

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"water from continual source leading to mildew (black)"
It is also very common to get black stains in oak floors from iron reacting with the tannic acid in the wood, long before mildew is the issue.

When carpet tack strips are removed from hardwood floors (especially oak floors) it is very common to see a black spot around every nail hole that was used to fasten the tack strips.

It is iron-tannnic acid, not mildew.

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