Pantry purge

maddiemom6April 22, 2005

Well after an old bag of Fritos fell out of the top of the pantry today onto my head I knew it was time to get in their and weed stuff out. THREE! bags of old food later it's done. In the end it did not take all the much time but it did make me feel very wasteful given the stuff I had to dump since it had passed it's experation date...and I am not talking like by a month or so... but like by a few YEARS or so.

Now my deal is to use the food up that we have by shopping in my panrty first and making up meals to work around the things I have on hand.


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This is why for me, it's good not to have a walk-in pantry. It would turn into a Antique Roadshow of foods in no time!

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Don't I know it....I cleaned mine out about a month ago and had stuff in there that expired from 2002 on through 2004. Yikes! And's a walk-in pantry. How in the heck did I grow up having food put in our cupboards? I look in my pantry and there is just loads of food in there! How does this happen?

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speaking of expiration dates, some of them are impossible to read. Is there a website around that would explain some of the unexplainable?

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most corporate food sites have a section that explains.. but I know there was one who did not and I had to call them. The stuff was SO out of date that they did not even make it any more! ACK!


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stuff expires??? yikes, i am in trouble.....

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Just don't buy anything fresh for a couple of weeks (months?), and you'll figure out lots of great things to make with your pantry stash! Or designate a couple of nights a week to pantry cooking. Personally, I love cooking from my pantry. But I got to start over, and I stock it with stuff I use. (3 cheers for Trader Joe's!)

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Oh.... I so wish I had a Trader joes....they sound wonderful. And yes.. we are cooking out of the pantry again tonight. By the middle of next week the cupboard is going to be bare!


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I find that spring time is usually when I need a big pantry purge right before summer. All the extra crackers, tins, etc.. I bought before xmas and I did not get to use or else they are stale if they were open; I am always astounded at hom much I have to get rid of and I too feel a little guilty about that
( this lasts for 5 minutes so it's bearable)

I also have to purge the freezer side of my side by side; all that extra frozen french bread that has crystals on it, etc...

I have long periods of time that I don't cook much so it's easy for me to lose track; the purge feels pretty good !!

I managed to make a spaguetti sauce yesterday using what I had;
it made me realize that some of my spices are too old and need replenishing.

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Oh teeee heee ! I thought you said, PANTIE" purge. I have outgrown so many of mine that I need to get rid of the old and buy me some bigger ones. Don't you hate it when that happens?

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