Can you help me determine house style?

blessedbeMay 6, 2009

I'm trying to figure out what architectural style my house belongs to. The posted link shows the front of the house, but there are additional pics in the album as well. The house was built in 1946 and has elements of bungalow, cottage and shotgun style (all the rooms lead into each other). The bathroom can only be accessed through one of the two bedrooms....bathroom is sandwiched in between. House is about 1000 sq ft with kitchen built across the back of the house on what used to be the screened in porch.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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It's difficult to see the house in the photos but it looks to me like a small, massed-plan (more than one room deep), side gabled, center entrance, folk house with a large portico added. It doesn't appear be a shotgun house but you haven't shown us the plan.

Not every house has a clearly identifiable architectural style except in the world of real estate where everything must have a label. They would probably call it a "cottage" or a "bungalow" which is more a type of house rather than an architectural style.

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It definitely fits the 40s, where the houses were not as elaborate as say the Victorian era or as detailed (trim, windows, etc.) as the Arts and Crafts era, but had a more simplistic charm. I would generically call it a cottage style.

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You got me thinking about architectural styles and I just found this interesting read. May not fit your style per se, but it's fascinating to read about house anyway

Here is a link that might be useful: Finding the history of your house

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I really appreciate the messages. Thanks for the link Allison, that was a really interesting article!

The reason I'm trying to figure out the style of the house is twofold: I'm always seeing garden designs and landscaping ideas geared toward specific styles, and I had no idea what mine was. I'm new to gardening and looking for inspiration in any place I can get it.

The other reason is because I'd like to determine what if anything I can do to give my house a more Craftsman-like apprearance. That is my favorite style and I'd love to tweak what I can to mimic it.

Thanks guys!

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Unfortunately, the house doesn't have the bones to be a Craftsman but it could be a Cape Cod or a Nantucket Cottage if you modify the big portico and add some cedar shingles and appropriate trim detailing.

I often see houses with architectural detailing that is contradictory to the basic form of the house and it's good evidence of why the best known styles evolved as they did. Be careful that you don't create a bad version of a favorite style like so many home builders do. I recommend that you reinforce what you've got unless you can afford to raise the roof and create a story and a half house.

Cape Cod

Nantucket Cottages

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