Getting a good charge!

maddiemom6April 16, 2005

Like many we have multiple cell phones, PDA's and the like.. and keeping them all charged means lots-o-charges, cords and places to plug them in. Today with a move of furniture I took the time to make a charging station for our cell phones.

Up till this point they were plugged in the kitchen getting in my way and having a chance to get wet.. which as we all know it death in the cell phone world... So with my moved secretary style piece of furniture I sliped a power strip in from the back and pluged the other end in so it's "hot" and ready.. and INSIDE the cabinet part of the top.

This is right by the front door so when I come in I can put my purse there and put my phone on the charger and then shut the door on it. I have made room to charge three phones at one time so my husband and kids can also charge there phones.


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I like your thinking. My cell phones are in a far corner of the kitchen away from any prep work or chance of getting wet. But they are on the counter with the mess of wires. I don't have a cabinet or desk that is easily accessible that I could use. Something to think about...

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As I was thinking about it I realized there were many ways to do it to keep cords out of the way. How about a pretty box of some sort.. or.. for me it could have used an old picnic basket.. make a small hole on the back to snake out the charger plug in.. or if you need room for more.. put a power strip in the basket and then snake the cord out to a plug.. that way it's all tucked away in the basket.. nice and tidy!

I use a version of this idea for all of the cords that go to my hubands computers, dsl etc... they were in an awful tangle under his desk.. that and a big power strip. So I took a plastic storage box with a lid that was big enough to hold it all... the cut a slot on one end... the plopped all the cords in the box and put on the lid. no dust.. no muss... it's a good thing! ( Sorry Martha)


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I actually saw something in Lillian Vernon's catalog today that I might get.

But for DH's rechargable tools, like his drill, I tie-wrapped a powerstrip to one of the elfa shelves in the tool room, and organized all his power chargers there. Now he does not have drills plugged in all over the house! :-)

Plus, he knows when he grabs one, it is charged for sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: Charging Station

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ooohhhh yes I saw that.. but for me I don't like to see such techno gagets so I would still have to put it inside of something. I can't stand seeing cords.. yeh freaky I know. I will go to great lengths to hide them.

Like you I have a power station set up for our power charge tools. It makes it easy to make sure that they all have a change when you need them!


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