Cleaning out a hoard

mainecoonkittyApril 12, 2014

My mother-in-law passed away about a year ago and my husband and I were left to clean out her house, mainly because his sister is already on her way to being as bad a hoarder as her mother. MIL was pretty much a hermit and her only interest after her husband passed away several years ago was making beaded baskets that were popular back in the 70's and 80's. We found literally hundreds of them stuffed into plastic storage tubs in her basement. She must have spent thousands of dollars on beads and crafting supplies, but must have never given a single one away. We had no idea they were down there. I was in complete shock when we found them. Does anyone have any ideas about how we can get rid of these? I hate to just pitch them, but not even Goodwill is interested in 70's era kitsch in this volume.

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offer them to other beaders? They can take them apart, maybe?

Put up a sign at the local craft store, if they have a bulletin board.

(you mean like these?)

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If they are anything like the ones in the link above, I wouldn't be interested. But I've seen people selling interesting stuff there if the merchandise/crafts is marketed well.

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The craft store - That's a great idea! Yeah...they are similar, but not made with safety pins. The beds are wired together.
There are literally hundreds of them - all different kinds and colors. It seems such a shame to just toss them. I thought about calling some nursing homes and asking them if they want the baskets. I thought about making them up with candy or little personal items and giving them to the residents.

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I'd post an ad on Craigslist under "free". Put them out on the curb to first come, first serve.

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Circus Peanut

Local elementary school art teachers! They are constantly spending half of their own salaries on supplies, and it wouldn't hurt to check whether they could use these beads in some of their class projects.

Good luck - the hoards of the deceased can be a terrible burden to loved ones, glad you're bearing up well. :)

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