What Is Flylady System?

amaranthenaApril 17, 2006

Hi, I'm new to this forum and keep reading about the flylady system. It sounds interesting. Can someone tell me where I can find out more info on this? Thank you.

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Her website looks way over the top to me now. I don't really feel like I can just send people to it and have them "get it."

Her system is a way of cleaning and organizing your environment so that it takes very little time and is based on setting up the work with morning and evening routines. The house is divided into zones so you never have to "clean the house." You focus on specific areas, but it rotates monthly so everywhere gets attention at least once a month.

Ignore 3/4 of the stuff on the website, sign up for the emails and follow the introductory letter. You will get a bunch of emails, but you really delete most of them for months.


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