I finally threw these away

marie26April 4, 2007

I have (now had) 2 expensive items that had been replaced but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them so they've been in the garage. Both worked okay but had problems at times. One was a stand mixer and the other was a top of the line coffee maker. One reason I kept them was thinking that if the replacements broke, I'd still have something I could use in the interim. Maybe it was my mood today or the fact that I had a bit more space in the garbage can that was ready to be taken out to the curb but I finally threw them out. It really does feel good.

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congratulations! "worked okay but had problems at time"--that means "garbage" to me. I'm glad you could finally see it that way. Think what a dirty trick it would be to pass those on to someone who thought they were going to work--and what a dirty trick to do to yourself, LOL!

We go in stages, I think, of finding ourselves able to part with stuff.

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One reason I kept them was thinking that if the replacements broke, I'd still have something I could use in the interim.

My mother always did this! It might be OK if you have unlimited space (which she pretty much did), know that you will never move house (also true) and don't care who has to clear it out later (alas). I attributed it to the experiences of the Great Depression, when no one had money to buy new things, followed by World War II, when everyone had money but there was sometimes nothing to buy.

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Wait a minute! Do you mean to tell me I'll never find a replacement glass "stem" (don't know what else to call it) for my favorite Pyrex 8-cup percolator coffee pot which I loved because I could watch what was happening as it perked? I've been saving it for a month now, hoping the broken part would magically appear. Does this sound like it's tossing time? What are the chances of finding a replacement part for something that is probably 50 years old?

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Good for you! That takes courage. I frequently "upgrade" - whether is's appliances, decorative items, or electronics - and find it hard to get rid of the perfectly good item that was replaced by an upgrade.

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That is great! I recently ditched 2 old coffee makers. You are right, it was hard, but then felt good!

Could the broken TV in the basement be next?? Why AM I keeping that ancient, busted beast?

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plow in, do you mean this part?


Here is a link that might be useful: ebay auction

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I was going to suggest checking eBay, as well. It might not be there today, but it's worth checking periodically. There's only one item I ever wanted to buy that I have not found on eBay in more than a couple of years -- and what it would be used with works fine without it. You can find just about anything on national auction sites if you're willing to wait.

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Thanks loads for the ebay suggestion. After checking my coffee pot, I realized I goofed when I described it as an 8-cupper. Mine is only a 4-cup, and I will certainly keep checking ebay. Hope I find the part!

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I have one of those too, also without stem or basket, but I do have the cover. Its on the stove right now with a couple of inches of water and asparagus standing upright for steaming. Not sure how many cups, but its just the right height.

Never would have thought of this till I saw those asparagus steamers for sale. I've also used it once in a while for Lipton type soup or to warm less than the whole pot of home made soup.

I almost got excited to see the stem was for sale on ebay but I know I'd never use it. (Making progress.) Sandy

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