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imsmilngJanuary 20, 2014

I am in the process of choosing paint colors and I simply can't decide. The current color is desert castle and I would like to go a tad bit darker but not much. Nomadic Desert by Sherwin Williams was recommended but I am afraid it may be too dark. Should I go with Kilm Beige instead or will it be too similar to what I have?

Thanks :)

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Lori A. Sawaya

Since you are talking lighter vs. darker, you can reference LRV. Light Reflectance Value. It's on the back of most paint chips, definitely listed in the index of every single brand's fandeck.

Desert Castle has a LRV of 62. Kilim Beige has a LRV of 60. They're very close. Nomadic Desert's LRV is 47.

You can calculate contrast (or lightness difference) in percentages. Desert Castle and Kilim Beige 3.23%. Desert Castle and Nomadic 24%.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Will you have fabrics in the room? Like drapes or carpet or upholstered pieces? How about art work on the walls? It's far easier to match paint to fabric or art than the other way around. I would certainly take those into consideration when selecting colors.

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So Nomadic Desert would be alot darker and Kilm Beige would be alittle lighter than what I had, desert castle?


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Lori A. Sawaya

A lot darker, no. Not a lot. But definitely darker.

Desert Castle and Kilim are essentially the same when it comes to lightness. Choosing Kilim wouldn't get you what you're after which is darker color on the walls.

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Thanks!!!! I am a creature of habit, so I may just go with Kilim as it would be the same but maybe a very small difference. I really liked what I had but feels like I need to go with a current color. Does that make sense?

OK, can we change to bedrooms? My master had/has monsoon on it (dark green). What do you think about SW softened green? It will be alittle lighter than what I had which I think I will like. Thoughts?

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I seem to recall Nomadic Desert being the next darker color on the SW color strip (16), next to Kilim - same tones and color base but darker. Next darker is Latte. So you would be in same comfort zone matching stuff you may already own, but darker as pointed out by the LRV. You could also use Nomadic Desert on the walls and Kilim on the tray ceiling.

Greens, next lighter from Softened Green is Livable Green. I'm not personally a fan of whole-room green, so I doubt my opinion here would help. Strongly suggest you go down to SW and buy 3 quarts of the colors you have in mind, and paint some on the walls. They are 5.99 or 6.99 each and well worth the investment before you end up with several gallons of something that won't work.

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@Funcolors thank you so much for that LRV tip!!! I am in the midst of coming up with a color too. I had some BM Kangaroo leftover which was too light as an accent wall against Manchester Tan main color, so I am considering others. I want darker but don't want to swing too far away. So Kangaroo was 44 and 4 other colors I am considering are 31/30/23/21. That gives me a good sense of where I need to land!! Very handy!!! I'm data-centric geeky so this is right up my alley!

@imsmiling the benjamin moore site has quick lookups of LRVs. I assume SW does too. You may like BM Eucalyptus Leaf (21.84) or BM Aventurine (30.87). The latter looks like a lighter version of what is there now.

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Lori A. Sawaya

@wendyb - you are very welcome. LRV is an industry standard for many functions of color design. It's a data point homeowners can use as well.

And you're exactly right about how to use it - "a good sense of where you need to land." In other words, a benchmark.

LRV is one of very few color aspects that is indeed measurable.

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Funcolors could you please compare and comment on using Kilim Beige or Manchester Tan for a kitchen with Harvest Oak colored cabinets, trim and wainscoat?

I am having a terrible time choosing a paint color, tend to want to stay safe and a 12x 14 space with one window so not a lot of natural light.

TIA for you kind assistance.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Kilim Beige has a LRV of 60. Manchester Tan has a LRV of 64. The ratio is 6.25% - not a big difference.

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funcolors, thanks for the LRV chart. I totally understand the concept better now. I am having a hard time finding the LRV for monsoon. On my paint chip from years ago (yes, I kept it), it indicates it being an ICI paint. Does anyone know the value of this paint color?

Thanks :)

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ICI was bought out by Akzonobel. They also owned Glidden and sold that division to PPG. You should take your paint chip to a Devoe or Glidden store and see if they can color match it and let you know the LRV.
I searched on website and found monsoon. You could buy a sample from them, but you'd still need to find someone to mix for you. This web site didn't give me the LRV. It's ICI 948 Monsoon. Sherwin Williams or Ben Morris shops may also be able to cross reference for you.

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Thank you!!!!

My sister has Livable Green in her bathroom and I know it is too light. I am considering Softened Green or Clary Sage for the master bedroom. Choices choices :)

The contractor is itching for me to decide :)

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Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage is another green choice to consider. Very popular green , also was chosen by Pottery Barn, in their Fall of 2013 catalog.
Regarding Kilim, it would be very similar to what you have, so I'd suggest Latte...EVERYONE LOVES IT!! We sell more Kilim and Latte than Nomadic Desert...our top three sellers...but Gray is also popular. So I would suggest Light French Gray which would look awesome with your woodwork...or Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. I think I'd say good-bye to the beige with your wood tone colors.
Just another opinion from a Sherwin Paint Consultant...good luck

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Lori A. Sawaya

Monsoon has a full notation: 10GY 36/096

GY is where it falls on a wheel relative to other hue families on a specific color wheel - GY means green-yellow, 10 means a bias toward green more so than toward yellow.

36 is the LRV and 096 is the chroma. Like hue family is relative to a specific color wheel , the chroma notation is exclusively relative to the chroma range of a specific collection of colors which is in this case the ICI palette.

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Sewwhatsnew, I am actually considering that green color you recommended. I like latte. My sister has it in her family room but I think my house is too small to carry it all the way through.

Fun colors, thanks for the info on monsoon.

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Softened Green is a beautiful green color. We are using it in our kitchen area in the house we are building. I have Kilim Beige on all of our walls at the townhouse I live in now. It is very light. I'm using SW Beach House as the tan for our new house instead. It's one of their new colors and isn't in the fan deck. Nomadic is a very caramel colored tan. I didn't like it. If you live anywhere near central PA I have sample quarts I'd be happy to give you!

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