Progress for the day - 4/5/06

jamie_mtApril 5, 2006

Progress reports for the day - post 'em here! :-)

1. After feeling like it should be Weds yesterday, I've finally made peace with it being Weds *today*. LOL

2. I had all my calls and such on my "task list" last night, so getting everything done was quick and easy! I made all my follow-up calls, and utilized my palm software rather than paper in most instances. I'm trying to organize with less paper, so I don't lose things so often and have to hunt frantically for them before placing orders.

3. I did clean the kitchen yesterday as I went, so it was clean before dinner, giving me time to *make* those calls, etc, rather than having to clean before I cooked. And I cleaned up before bed too, and remembered to turn the dishwasher on (something I forget...which puts me behind the next day).

4. I made my bed this morning, and emptied the clean dishwasher, so I'm off to a good start today too.

5. I followed my morning routine "list" today - which means I got everything done before work, and was a little faster at it then yesterday. I also came up with a plan for getting dressed more quickly in the morning, though I'll have to wait until this weekend to implement it. Picking out jewelry to match my outfit always takes forever, so I'm going to start putting "accessory packs" with my shirts on the weekend, of jewelry that matches those shirts. Then I just have to grab a shirt and pants in the morning, and the matching jewelry will be right there, saving me time and indecisiveness (without forcing me to choose my clothes the night before - that just doesn't really "work" with my personality for some reason).

6. I used the alarm function on my palm to remind me of little things I knew I'd forget - like stopping at the bank on the way home from work (I tend to get on autopilot heading home), and starting the dishwasher. Worked great, and reminded me to look at my schedule several times too.

I have a ton of things to do tonight involving my side business and the open house this weekend, so I hope I'll be able to fit in the zone cleaning today! If not, guess I'll catch it Friday night, when I'm doing my "deep clean for company" bit...for now, back to my "real job" - the one that actually pays the bills. :-)

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Well, I managed to wake up on time! The first time since daylight savings time. Got the little one off to school and paid and posted all the bills before work. Loaded the dishwasher and gave the counters a wipe, made the beds, made a pot of red beans and rice for dinner tonight...

but the dining table is still covered with dd's art stuff and toys from last night -
everything could use a good vacuum -
The bathroom is a mess (overflow of bathtoys mainly) -
The outside (stairs, deck, etc.) look awful - it's been raining for weeks and everything is mucky, lawn chairs thrown higgledy-piggledy, flag got torn down in storm and is lying on deck....

and here I am at work, goofing off!

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Well -- you've all done very well!!

I did get the winter coats hung back up in the closets -- and off the hall tree. Thank goodness!

Tomorrow I start switching around my stuff in the master closet --- switching from winter to spring/summer. And doing the drawers in my dresser too!

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I'm *so* jealous! We had snow yesterday and we're still wearing our winter coats & clothes!

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I made absolutely no progress last night. I found some houses that have come up for sale & DH & I decided on the spur of the moment to go look at them. It didn't change our minds about our current plans, but I guess I want to make sure we've covered all the bases with a decsion this big.

To my surprise, DH has started a list of various things & noting if they will go to charity, storage, or to the apt. with us. We spent quite a bit of time Tues. night listing things & deciding what to do with them. We found out yesterday that we can go ahead & start putting things in storage. DH's boss says we can store them in one of the company's climate-controlled warehouses. It's in our town, so we can begin making trips in the evenings even with just a few boxes & get them out of the way.

My plan for tonight is simple: box up as much as possible & do some laundry!

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