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bengardeningFebruary 13, 2013

I am having a new hard drive installed and The installer told me I should back up all of my files. I dont have a lot of files. All I would want to do is save my pictures and my favorites list. How do I put them on a cd or what should I be putting on the cds. He thought I would need about 4 or 5 cds. Can someone please tell me ASAP

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

You can use cd, dvd, or better usb thumb flash drive.
Select the pictures folder, select all right click on the hi lighted items choose send to or copy to and select which option you want to copy them to, cd, dvd, usb drive. Repeat for any files you want to keep
For your favorites list i suggest that you install xmarks now on the browser there's a version for each browser, once installed you will have your own personal page online you can access from anywhere, then when the new drive is in install xmarks on it too and have it sync and voila all there as they were before.

To save the favorite file it's different from browser to browser. Just Google save favorites file I E, or firefox, which ever you use.

I. Believe for firefox click bookmarks, all or organize then export file.

I just use xmarks

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