Weekend Plans - and Happy Easter! :-)

jamie_mtApril 14, 2006

So this weekend, with all the Easter festivities, I'm going to *make* some time to:

- Do laundry, and attach "accessory packs" of jewelry to 5 shirts for next week, so I'm not wasting time trying to decide what jewelry to wear in the mornings anymore.

- Send off our taxes (procrastinating, because we have to pay - bummer)

- Create a menu plan for next week, so I'm not doing it "last minute" and rushing around like this week.

And that's it - I have dinner to make for DH and his brother Saturday evening, brunch for my parents on Sunday, and I'll either make dinner for his parents Sunday evening, or we'll go out somewhere with them, whichever they prefer. But I am going to find some time to dye eggs tomorrow too - gotta have dyed eggs for Easter! :-)

Anyone else have big plans this weekend?

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We're going to Easter Sunday Brunch at the Inter-Continental Hotel -- its gorgeous, the food is wonderful -- and champagne is pouring as we sit down at the table!! My kind of place! GREAT people-watching too! (my favorite sport!)

We're going with another couple ---- and I'm clearing out the master bedroom closet again today. I have switched around the winter-to-summer items. Today I continue with the shoes/bags/hats etc. And the dreaded drawers too!

BUT I did find a dress (black-and-cream toile) --- and my creamy hat. Still Looking for the blasted cream shoes -- and hope to unearth them today! LOL!!! Still can't find my purse ..........

(wish me luck -- and call National Geographic -- this closet can be called "a strange and dark place!")

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We will dye the eggs tonight. I'm so proud of myself for getting the dye stuff and eggs early. Also have all of the little's basket stuff ready. I'm filling plastic eggs today while the kids are at school and Sat. night the dh and I will put them out around the yard. We are still covered in snow, so it's an egg hunt in snow gear.

Dance lessons for the dd on Sat. and then my ds's Scout troop does an Easter brunch on Sunday for the church which sponsors them.

No household jobs planned. I really wish the snow would melt in my yard so that I could get busy. But it is still early here.


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We're having all the family here on Sunday for dinner. I've been trying to keep the house tidy so that I won't have to do much over the weekend. We need to run to the store for a few more things, but that's it.

No other organizational stuff is on the agenda this weekend. Will resume next week!


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Saturday will be nuts as we have errands to run (mailing off the tax return is one of them and I dread to think of the line at the post office!), DS's baseball practice, laundry that absolutely has to be done, eggs to dye, a cake to bake and dinner with friends who live an hour away, plus I am determined to get those peas planted today! At least I prepped the garden bed yesterday.

Easter will be much quieter as we're only hosting one of my sisters for dinner and hams are super-easy.

My biggest worry today is that I'll forget to fill the baskets tonight!

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Saturday went well! DH and I got up early and out of the house to start our errands. We got everything done, including grocery shopping in an extremely busy grocery store (day before Easter, what did I expect?). I cleaned house downstairs, put together all the food for Easter, swept, mopped and vacuumed. I even did a few loads of laundry (also deligating to the kids). I made sure to get my exercise in there, too. Woo hoo! A good day!


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I waited to the last minute to buy Easter candy. Went out shopping on Good Friday. Four stores had minimal candy, no Easter grass or Cadbury Creme Eggs. Had to settle for Cadbury Carmel Eggs and, luckily, there was still some grass in the baskets from last year. But there were spider webs all over the attic, where I had the baskets stored. Gave me the creeps!

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Another update:

Weekend was perfect! We had 18 people here and, thanks to Flylady, everything went so smoothly. I still can't believe it! This was one of the first dinners I've had where I didn't feel stressed at all. Everyone commented on how nice the house looked and the nice dinner. My MIL said, "I know it's so much work" and I said, "Actually, it really wasn't that bad!" I will be honest - my husband really kicked in and that saved me. We made sure to wash all the dishes as we prepared the food, so that we started with a "clean slate" when everyone arrived. This is something my mother never does and it drives me crazy. When I go to help with dishes after dinner, her sink is already filled with dirty dishes from meal prep.

After all the guests left, I went on a 45 minute walk. It gave me a huge burst of energy, so when I came home I completely cleaned the downstairs. You'd never know we had a dinner party here. Good thing, because I am working extra hours this week and need to start with a clean house!


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Way to go!!!!! What a wonderful way to handle the prep -- and the entertaining!!!! Well done! :)

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Congrats to everyone who had a great weekend. :-) Ours was hectic (plans changing last minute, mostly), but we got through it with a minimum of problems. Unfortunately, some sort of "bug" got me Sunday night, and I haven't felt good ever since. But I did get our taxes in by the deadline yesterday, and did a lot of laundry, so progress was made. :-)

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