Another Kohler Question - Karbon Faucet

MichelleDTFebruary 1, 2012

I love the uber contemporary look of this faucet. Has anyone installed? Is it really that functional? I found a few reviews (google) that ranged from great to junk. Looking for GW feedback if you have it.



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Hi again - here's a link to a GW discussion about the Kohler Karbon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Karbon

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Thanks Purplepansies - why can't I find these when I search?


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The search function on this site is...variable, isn't it? I like the one at the bottom of the page better than the one at the top. Thanks to tips here, I'm most successful with Google search and putting "" (no quotes) after the search words.

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Based on the links, this faucet sounds like the one. It is like a piece of art in the Kitchen.

Thanks everyone!

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I adore my Karbon, we've had it for almost two years now. We've had problems with the button that switches from spray to regular stream (its a bit sticky). A neighbour had a similar problem and Kohler replaced their button, works fine now. I haven't gotten around to replacing it yet, it still does what it needs to and looks good doing it.

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Hi Michelle,

When I use Google, I put gardenweb and then the topic I'm looking for. If you do that, GW links come up first.

- Lisa

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I love the look of that faucet too.
My only dislike was the handle is a separate hole.
The place where people were buying their ticor sinks had a copy-cat of that faucet with the handle on the base.
I could not find it and contacted them....they are redoing something and should have it in about 3 months. Last time it was only a few hundred dollars so hopefully, cost and style will still be the same.

Check under "articulating faucet" and you may get more hits.

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This faucet is one of the best things about the new kitchen, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Being able to position it exactly where you want to use it becomes second nature and you wonder why all faucets aren't created this way. I regret very much not having the same faucet on my prep sink!

Note that we are on well water and I found that the flow was slow initially. We contacted Kohler and ordered the increased flow kit ($20) and that solved the problem.

Did I mention that I LOVE this faucet? You hear talk of the one true kitchen but for me... this is the One True Faucet.

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Well said oldbat2be! My Karbon is with my prep sink, next to the cook top, so it also functions as a pot filler.

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Love the Karbon! I played with one at a showroom and thought it felt solid yet nimble. I started planning for two of them, one for the sink and a wall mount for the potfiller. But budgetary constraints caused me to cut back and eliminate them both from my plans. I did consider the knock-off, but decided against it.

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I, too, love, love, love my Karbon. Even tho my sink is 10 inches deep, I don't get backaches because the faucet spray goes whereever I want it to. When gw'ers moan about sink depth, they really should pay attention to the faucet spray.

It's just wonderful and one of my kitchen faves!

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Thanks so much everyone! I just ordered two in stainless. BIG ;-) here!!!

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You will love them!

Sochi - I like swinging the faucet over to the countertop and filling various things, like water for the coffee pot (every morning) and vases. Though I do worry about forgetting I've left the water running....

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For those with the faucet, what is the measurement from the faucet to the joy stick to center distance. I will be getting one installed hopefully in a week and have been playing around with the distance. I'm thinking 6"?

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Mine is 6-6.25 from center of post to center of post of joystick.

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Check the specs - they will tell you how far you have. Due to the D shape of my silgranit sink, I was not able to center the faucet over the sink (and window). That actually reminds me why I selected the faucet in the first place! (oh happy coincidence). Sink had been ordered and CT templated and it was time to select the faucet. My original preference was to center the faucet over the sink.... And I think you may be able to as well. If you don't have the room and are left with an off-center faucet -- I think the KK works well. (Broken record here but... Oh do I love this thing!)

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Just wanted to chime in that I consider the Karbon to be the very best decision I made in my whole kitchen remodel. My only regret is having placed the handle to the right of the faucet itself; probably would have been best on the left side.

Super awesome to fill my sous-vide supreme next to the sink, btw.

Only downside I can think of is that it confuses guests a bit :-)

If I were to move, it's the only thing I would buy again without even checking other available options.

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marc_andre - congrats, I cannot agree more, and would happily do an infomercial on the KK:)

I just looked up 'sous-vide supreme' - while I can pronounce the term, I am unfamiliar with the concept. Please, do tell more about how you use this technique!

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marc-andre -- regarding your one regret, are you right or left handed? Just curious why you think the left side would have been better.

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I am planning to install mine with the handle on the left as well in my prep sink. Most of the time, my right hand is the dirty hand and I want to avoid the crossover. My right hand is also the stronger hand. So if I am holding something to be rinsed or filled or drained, I am likely to be holding it with the right hand leaving my left free for the faucet operation like turning on/off or switch to spray.

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