Plans for this week - Spring Closet Decluttering

jamie_mtApril 18, 2006

A few goals I want to accomplish this week - feel free to post yours as well. :-)

- "Accessory bags" for my shirts. I did most of the laundry Sun/Monday, so now I have a closet full of clean, wearable clothes. Tonight I want to make up "accessory bags" to hang with 5 shirts, so I don't have to think about jewelry and socks in the morning when I'm getting dressed for work.

- Finish decluttering clothes. I tossed several t-shirts this weekend while doing laundry - they had holes, frayed necklines, or permanant bad stains. So those are I need to finish taking all the clothes that don't fit, or that I won't wear for whatever reason out and bagging them up for donation. I'd like to quickly declutter the coat closet as well, and add unwanted coats/jackets to those bags.

- Drop off any clothing to be donated. There's a rescue mission "bargain center" about 10 blocks from my house, on the way to the grocery store. I *want* to donate to the shelter, but honestly, I never make time to go there, and I won't go at certain hours because of the neighborhood (which makes it more difficult). So I'll compromise, and drop them off at the rescue mission instead, because it's closer and easier.

- Bag up old blankets to be donated, and see if someone at the animal shelter will pick them up, since thier hours are very short, and are during my work hours.

That's it for this week - if I can get all this done, I'll have a lot more room to work with as far as organizing my clothes and closets. Anyone else?

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Did the same thing -- finally finished "switching" around the master closet -- from the winter-to-summer (it was 101 degrees in Dallas yesterday!!)

Also cleared and switched around the drawers -- and tidied the purses/shoes/hats etc. too.

Sheesh!!! Now I'm off to do the grocery shopping -- and restock the "necessary" items like paper towels and toilet paper!!

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I'm decluttering as I pack. I have several boxes ready to go to charity. Also threw away a lot of junk. Our closet has only currently used clothes, so I'm doing okay on that. I've gotten rid of some of mine & DH's t-shirts & underwear as I was going through drawers. One benefit of moving: it forces you to look & things & make a decision on whether or not an item is important enough to pack & move.

My goals for the week:
*Get all clothing that's not currently used either packed for storage, thrown away, or in the "charity" box

*Same situation as above with books

*Move the boxes we have ready now to storage & get them out of my LR

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With all the rain we've been having in Northern California, I'm finding lots of weekend time to really get some serious de-cluttering/reorganizing done. This past weekend, I finally re-organized our small hall closet. I use it to store our household binders (warranty and owner manual binders, paint chip/fabric swatch binders, home improvement information and receipts). It has been ages since these were updated and I got rid of lots of owner manual for objects we no longer own. I was able to get enough stuff better organized/thrown out that I now have room to store toilet paper in this closet. That may not sound too exciting, but this is the first time we've been able to store tp in the house.

Next project will be the linen closet.

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Tommeca - I did a similar project a couple of weeks ago. I had owners manuals from stuff we haven't owned in YEARS!

Today was my only day to get any real projects done, and I succeeded. I finished all my student evaluations, did my weekly home blessing, and washed all our bedding. I'm working extra hours this week, so I know I won't get much else done until the weekend.


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I'm working on "my" room. It's a very odd space right off the kitchen. You go up 5 stairs right into the middle and each side off the stairs is approx. 12 x 7 feet. It looks out on my roof top garden space.

One end is sewing/craft stuff and the other end is set up with two rocking chairs for reading. And the books are taking over.

Since my rule around here is no one gets to overflow with their personal stuff, I've been going through a bunch of my gardening and craft books and took several bags to the used book store. Time to get more fabric gone.

Did a bit of time in the garage, getting the kids bikes out and seeing what needs to end up in the trash. We had some construction work done over the winter and these guys around here never cart off their garbage. The tile guy just dumped his cement stuff in a plastic bag and let it harden. Even the DH can't lift it.

I've decided no more boxes for storage in the garage. I'm going to stock up on some type of container which is only around 5" high. Maybe a kitty litter pan? That way, I can actually see what I'm looking for. Painting supplies or tools just seem to fall to the bottom of a box.

Trying to get the ice rink in the backyard to start draining. Once I got it going (still a huge chunk of ice) I realized the low spot of the yard where the water is going is where I had the DH park the sports car for the winter. Yikes, I hope that thing doesn't sink to its axels in mud.

As soon as most of the back is clear of snow, I'm going to remove the seats from my van and make one good run to the dumping station. Even though we've lived in this house for over a year, we still have stuff left from the previous owner, from the remodel, etc. I just ran out of steam last fall.


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I have the kids home for school vacation this week, so the only de-cluttering we're going to be doing will be in conjunction with re-arranging my DD's bedroom.

The linen closet is definitely on the list for next week, as I think it's finally warmed up enough to switch from flannel to cotton sheets.

And once the yard waste bags are out of the garage (I've been doing yard clean up for a couple of weeks now, but the town doesn't pick up the bags for recycling until the first week of May) it will be time to tackle the garage.

I did get the first lawn mowing of the year done yesterday, though!

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