Probably old news, but I'll share: RE magazines!

gayle0000April 12, 2008

I don't hang on to magazines in general, but I'm finding recently I could get into trouble with home decor magazines if I don't address it! LOL! I'm in the process of buying a new house...without a cranky mean husband to please anymore! Yay! I'm finally getting to start from scratch and do what I want.

I'm good about marking pages in decor magazines of the ideas I'd like to revisit. Fortunately with decor mags, the entire magazine doesn't appeal to my tastes...only a few pics or spreads here and there, so it doesn't hurt to toss the whole thing.

I started scanning these specific pages onto my computer under a decorating file.

I have saved various decor inspiration pics I've found on the web for years, so adding these scans is not a big deal.

Anyway, I started doing this...and cannot believe the pile of paper/magazines going to recycling compared to the small amount of pics I really wanted anyway.

Yay! I don't have to pack & move any of those mags!!!!

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What a great idea! Once I tried to put all my torn out pages in a binder, and it was a mess. I LOVE this idea! You could even categorize the scans by room or color. Plus adding comments would be a snap. No more lost post-its! Thanks for sharing!

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Oh yes. Like I said, I've been saving decor ideas for years now. I have them broken down by room. I also have a MISC computer folder which shows random decor ideas that don't go in 1 specific's just the concept (like arrangements of glass bottles, or whatever).

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Sounds like a good idea to me! Ya Ya - who has probably 20 binders FULL of decorating ideas on shelves in a closet....)

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I have a box in the attic, full of about 100 craft magazines. I haven't looked in it in years, but this is a good way to compress its' contents!

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After I have had the pleasure of looking through the same magazine several times, it is time to look through it one last time, writing down the information that kept me from tossing it before. Usually, it is a URL, a product or company name ... something that can be written. Sometimes, it is a photo, a recipe, an entire article, a quilt pattern, etc. that I want to keep. So I tear out just the page(s) I need. I have a few folders and binders where I store stuff like that for future reference.

I like your idea of scanning photos! It is so nice to pare down and keep only what you really need. Faster to find what you want, too.

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If you'd like to see oodles of gorgeous decorating inspiration pictures, please visit our Gallery for the Home Decorating board. And if you have a great stash you'd like to add to any of those files, please do (just make sure your pics aren't too big is all).

There are also some very cool threads in there under color names -- where folks show off their paint jobs and name the paints they used on their walls. Very helpful!

It's like getting a ton of decorating magazines without the ads, for free, and you don't need to store them. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Decorating Gallery

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I'm too lazy to scan things...

I do, however, have a sketchbook that I cut and paste pages/pictures into for inspiration.

It's like my own personal catalog.

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