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maddiemom6April 26, 2006

Ok.. I just wasted over 1 hour of my life looking for the lost TV remote... and we have one of those STUPID new TV's where it's almost impossible to do anything without it!.. same goes for our dvd/vcr remote. HOW do you keep up with them in a house full of kids???????

Mind you if the TV was for just entertainment value I would not give a flip and let them suffer...but they all have parts of their school work on dvd so we have to have it.. it's killing me!


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Hi Maddie,

I rarely lose anything. I have a few little "rules" for myself (I've urged DS to follow them, with mixed results):

1) A remote (or one's reading glasses, wristwatch, keys, etc) SHOULD be placed in one designated location, but, if that is not convenient, it MAY be put down elsewhere, but it MUST be fully visible at all times.

2) If shoes are taken off, they must be kept together and NOT pushed under furniture.

Another suggestion: if something is lost, look in the clothes hamper! (Somebody may have picked it up when gathering up their dirty clothes, or it may have been stuffed into a pocket.)


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I often wish remotes had locator buttons on them, like the cordless phones do. I put a link on here for an item that I saw looking through the skymall magazine on a recent flight. Kind of expensive, but a good idea for things that constantly get lost.

Other than that, I can't help you much. If I can't find the remote, I usually look down in the crevasses of the sofa - my DD thinks that's where it belongs?! Luckily our living room is not too big, and there's not too much in it, so I don't spend too much time looking for it.

And, OT, it gets really annoying to have so many remotes! One for the TV, the VCR, the DVD player, the Tivo, yikes!

Here is a link that might be useful: pager

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We spent $30 on a brand new universal remote because we'd lost the one for the VCR and couldn't operate it without one. That vcr is dead and gone now, but we keep the universal remote inside the TV cabinet so we have a backup one when we misplace the main one(we mainly use the cable remote).

I saw somewhere on this site that someone had velcro on the back of the remote and stuck them on the underside of the coffeetable. Neat idea but I don't think they'd get put back there in my house.

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We bought a different universal and it still wouldn't work with our dvd.

We don't lose ours very often, but when it goes for a walk it is sooo irritating.

The last time it happened (last week), everything just stayed off until the kids located the darn thing. We had checked all of the typical sofa cracks, underneath, etc. The bad part was we needed it so DH could use his hearing aide headphone thingy.

Turns out it had fallen off into the trash can which sits next to the sofa. One of the kids probably had it on the sofa arm and when they did something it slid off. Only instead of hitting the floor it went in the container.

I have a drawer in a corner cabinet which is acutally the "home" for the remote and all of DH's hard of hearing adaptive equiptment. When I do my night time walk around just making sure things are picked up, I stash it back in the cabinet.


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You can buy all kinds of gadgets that "find" lost items. This is just one of them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Key Ringer

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I keep a basket near every TV specifically for the remotes. I am convinced "The Borrowers" have a colony at my house. Wonder what the little people do with all the remotes ?

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I too use a basket. I keep mine on the cofee table and all remotes go in there when the TV is off.

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