Paperstone dish drainer?

Stranger_In_The_AlpsFebruary 6, 2013

We are pretty much sold on paperstone counters for our kitchen remodel. My DW had the idea of having grooves cut into the counter next to the sink for a built-in dishdrainer affect (like they used to do with cast-iron sink/counter combos). Has anyone ever seen this done or know if it's even possible? Or is it advisable with paperstone--it's supposed to be nonporous but I'm not sure it could stand up to this.

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Ooh, ooh, I have that! Love my runnels. The Paperstone does darken when I let water stand on it overnight, but the color returns to normal a couple hours after I dry it off.

I'll give you my opinion on Paperstone, even though you didn't ask. I like it very much, and would put it in my kitchen all over again. The color is so rich, and the surface feels incredibly smooth. But scratches are pretty obvious. My counters haven't yet achieved an overall patina, so the scratches might recede eventually. (The counters have been in only since July.) And the one seam I have is also quite visible. That might be partly because of the inexperience of my installer.

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Oooo, that looks great, fouramblues! And I think that's a similar finish to what we are looking at--kind of a burled darker brown. And now I have a new vocab word: runnels.

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Thanks, Stranger! Yup, runnels. Isn't GW terrific? (I'd never heard of them before GW, either.) Hope you LOVE your countertops when you get them!

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