closet customizing

movingwestApril 25, 2006

I cant' do it yourself... so which of the custom closet companies are most cost efficient. I dont need wood, white laminate and wirie bins are fine.

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I tried California Closets 12 years ago and it was several thousand then for just two small closets. And it was just laminate.

Could you ask if the box stores like Lowe's do installation? Maybe figure out what you need and hire a handyman to put it in for you?

I think labor costs are going to be your biggest consideration with a less expensive system. And that's going to be really area specific.


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I wrote some stuff on this thread--I'm too lazy to repeat it, LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: a previous thread on closet systems

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The Ikea systems are quite easy to put together.. and very easy on the wallet.


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I agree with Talley Sue, the "one track at the top" system is easy and the most economical.

I use ClosetMaid in my business. You can use the link below to plan your closet online. The software will make sure you have enough supports and will prevent mistakes. It will give you a 3D view and print out a shopping list

Make sure you use the Super Slide shelves. The systems are available at Home Depot & Lowe's.

Here is a link that might be useful: ClosetMaid- Storage Planner

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