Mixture of Siding (Wood and Vinyl)

jburr827May 17, 2011

Hey Everyone,

I am working on an old house. It is 2.5 stories with 3 dormers. The dormers are difficult to reach as the roof is steep and short - I am guessing I will need a lift to work on them from the outside. My question is in regards to the siding. Right now the house is sided with cedar lap siding with a 2.5 - 3 inch reveal. Most of the siding is in good shape. The dormers however need some work. Next year I would like to replace the cedar siding on the dormers with vinyl but leave the rest of the house in wood. I don't particularly care for vinyl, but no other material has a reveal this size and I woldn't have to paint that area (except for the window trim which I can do from the inside) which would be a big plus.

Has anyone done anything like this? Part of the house in wood and a non-adjacent area in matched vinyl? Am I out of my mind here? Will this look bad in 5 to 10 years? I am just trying to set myself for less maintenance with the dormers due to their inaccessibility.



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A pic would be nice to compare with my house--it has three dormers in a hipped roof, but the sides of them are finished in the roofing material, not sided since the sides are smallish triangular areas. The only clapboards on mine are between the corner boards and the window trim--about six inches long, and easily reached from the windows.

Personally, I would stay away from siding, with good prep, you won't need to redo those areas for a long time.

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the dormer siding is visually separated from the rest of the siding so that will help some, but it will not look as good as all wood, period. but i can understand wanting to make that tradeoff. i think we all make tradeoffs because our time is not unlimited. my advice would be to look for something like hardy plank - it is a much closer imitation of the real thing and you are dealing with a relatively small quantity.

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