Freestanding counter depth frig?

juleecatFebruary 24, 2013

Frig is located next to dining room doorway (on same wall, not perpendicular). I would like to use counter depth frig to free-up a bit more aisle between frig and new island. Anyone have a pic to share of counter depth frig that is NOT built in? This is frig I am considering...kitchenaid : Architectî Series II :KFCS22EVMS

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Another option would be to recess a regular depth frig into the wall if you can. I did that and it worked out great.

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Marcy, for what its worth.... I've had the same fridge for a bit over a year....I hate it. Terrible user design, I've had to take out 3 shelves to make things fit. Milk, lg bottles, oj are a pain on the top shelves, if I had to do it again, I wouldn't.

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Marcy-can't recess into wall-dining room is on other side, and there isn't room for a "bump-in"! :)

Monomoy-the specs list "gallon storage in doors"....not true?

We haven't seen it in person yet-we live quite a ways from "civilization"! :)

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I just bought the counter depth E'lux. I preferred its inner arrangement to the KA, but I honestly don't remember why. The shallower refrigerator does hold less stuff, but I consider that a feature rater than a bug. I am planning on a small freezer for the garage once we finally get everythin unpacked and sorted out.

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I wanted a fully clad SS one since mine would be visible from all angles and not boxed in at all. We chose the Liebherr which is $$ but it fit our needs but functionally and aesthetically.

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We've had this Kitchenaid for a year it. Seems to hold more than our previous larger, standard depth one, probably because it's so easy to see and reach everything. I LOVE that things don't end up hiding in the back! I don't have a problem with the shelves, though I do rearrange them if I have an extra large pot to put in. But because the shelves are split (left/right), it's quite easy to temporarily shift one.

The doors do hold gallon containers, or lots of marinade and salad dressing containers, which for me means the shelves stay available for large containers (casseroles etc.).

We are a family of four and yet our refrigerator seems to stay half empty between events, like dinner parties or when we make complicated meals with lots of (refrigerated) ingredients. And yet we cook at home all the time, with fresh ingredients...they seem to fit just fine.

Another feature of this unit is that if you want, you can disconnect and remove the ice maker for more freezer space (we did -- there's a kit for doing this).

The sides of ours are black. If you don't like that on the side next to your doorway, you could make a covering panel -- match your cabinets, or maybe make a blackboard/corkboard panel.

I just clicked over to a picture you posted of this space...I think having the refrigerator not push out into the space will have a very nice effect on this kitchen.

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We have that fridge and love it. Works very well for our family of six. There are two door bins that hold two gallons each. We routinely have four gallons in there at a time. They fit perfectly. We never use up all the space. I don't have a photo but I am not sure it would help with your vision. Ours is pushed into a cabinet. Not built in by any means but most is enclosed.

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We have the Elux fridge - originally it was totally freestanding with a wall to the left (which had ductwork in it)
We move the ducts with better air flow and did "box" it in

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Thank you all for the info and visuals! Hope to make a decision soon so we can move forward with our facelift!

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Debbi Branka

I've had this fridge for 2.5 years. Mine's a JennAir but it is the KitchenAid with a different name tag. I love it. The shelves are adjustable. I love the water inside! That and the 72" height were what sold me on this fridge. You can see it in the background - sorry, this is the best picture I have on this computer.

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I have the paneled version of that fridge. (I did a custom copper skin rather than wood.) I like it a lot. I don't think the interior storage is absolutely ideal, but I would be hard pressed to find a better arrangement.

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Angie, I love that copper on your fridge. It's gorgeous!

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I think liebherr was great in terms of organization. At one point, we were considering a free standing fridge and liebherr was the choice.

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I have the Kitchenaid french door but with the pro-style handles. I've only had it a few weeks, but so far I love it for all the reasons stated above, plus it's quiet. It does have the stainless colored side panels, not black, though mine is enclosed so the sides don't show.

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We purchased the kitchenaid counter-depth that I originally linked-LOVE it! And it gave us 5" additional floor space which is what we needed! :)

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