Christmas by the Month - April!

jamie_mtApril 1, 2005

Well what do you know - April just snuck right up on me! I don't know about all of you, but I fell *way* behind on my christmas goals last month! Too much other stuff going on, I guess...

So it's time to regroup, and make some new goals. Here are my "get ready for christmas" goals for this month:

- Crochet a few more squares for dad's afghan

- Get a set of napkin holders and/or placemats done for a gift basket

- Buy a set of cloth napkins for one gift basket (saw some on sale just the other day)

And that's it for this month...just little things that I really *should* be able to handle.

So how about you guys/gals? What will you do to get ready for Christmas this month??

For any new people to the board, this is a monthly thread for those of us who like to spread out our christmas planning over the entire year - feel free to jump in with your plans and goals to get ready for Christmas 2005! :-)

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Hey, Jamie, I was just wondering about you, and thinking about Christmas (lol)! It's April already?! How will I ever get done by Christmas? I have my brother's striped hat started, but nothing else. I haven't even started knitting the vest for my mother. Oh, boy.

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I'm not much on preparing too early. Loses its impact, for me.

So I'm going to concentrate on making ROOM in my home.

I threw away some little bitty toys of the kids', and I got them to agree to send the Fisher-Price farm to their new first cousin once removed.

This month I'll follow up on whether his mom wants it (poor kid is only 6 months old!), and get it out of the house to its new home.

I'll also get rid of some of the clothes, esp. pajamas (they seem to be a common Christmas present--easy for grandparents to find one they think the kid will like).

SOME time this year, I want to make my own Christmas stockings. Or take a deep breath, and buy really nice ones, that all look nice together somehow.

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I think making room for christmas is just as important as the "stuff", really - most of us would benefit from that type of organizing!! I'm not really sure where I'm going to store these early gifts yet - but I have a closet I could clean out and use to store things in, so maybe that will be part of my plan as well.

Wendy, get going on that vest, woman! LOL I actually have some free time tonight, so I'm going to grab some yarn and start on those napkin holders - I think I can get a good start on a set of 6 while DH and I are watching TV tonight...

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Haven't posted here for awhile,but have a good start on my christmas by the month.I've crocheted 6 scarf and hat sets,two girls ponchos,one adult picked up some fabulous serving dishes that I found at a fantastic price.This month I hope to start a sweater for DS who has wanted an argyle sweater for awhile.Hopefully this will be the christmas he gets one.
Eliza ann

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Wow, Eliza Ann, I'm impressed! I worked a bit more on my brother's hat tonight, but my knitting time has gone way down since my DH broke his ankle while skating Friday night. I find myself tapping from my energy reserves for everything. I shall start my mother's vest, I shall, I shall...

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Eliza Ann, you'll be done before you know it! Great job!! :-)

I got two napkin rings done last night - will do two more tonight I think...

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Hmmm. Let's see.
Weave in the ends on brother's facecloth.
Wash yarn for sister socks and start again.
Work on updating addresses. Have to do this anyway for dd's graduation announcements.
That's probably enough to aim at.

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Still haven't started knitting the vest for my mother (:O), but I made good progress on my brother's stocking hat. I started a lacy mohair scarf as another Xmas gift. This is why crafters have to start early on Christmas gifts. It takes so looooooooong to get everything done.

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Amen to that! Every time I get started on something...something else comes up!

I did get a set of napkin rings done, and half of one placemat. Hopefully I'll have some time this week to finish the placemat, and if I can get out to the mall this weekend, Penny's has nice cloth napkins on sale that would work perfectly with the set.

I haven't done anymore afghan squares either - I need to get hopping on those too.

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