Anyone move a house?

marys1000May 31, 2007

Just wondering if anyone ever looked into or did this and

what they found out or how it went.

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I will let this descend as it appears no one has.....

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I think if you post on oldhouseweb dot com, you'll find 1 or 2 who have moved houses.

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I have no personal experience with moving a house, but the house we are closing on next week was moved to its current location about 55 years ago. It was apparently dragged from another location by horses(original location had a stone foundation and dirt floor) to this location with a poured foundation. The house itself is 140 years old.

It is in need of some structural work, but not really related to being moved. After it was put in its new location, they installed a wood burning furnace and cut some support beams and joists to make it fit.

Sorry I don't have anything more helpful to add! Good luck :)


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My late husband and I purchased and moved a two story hand hewn log house that was 104 years old in 1982. We spent weekends for a couple of months preparing it for the move. At first we thought that we'd have to totally disassemble, number all the logs, & reassemble but the house mover told us that if we could drop the roof below the utility line heights that he could move it and it would be more cost affective for us. He charged $100 per mile to move it and that included placing the house on a concrete pier foundation. We hired friends in the construction business to help us remove the roof (it was tin) and dropped, or some might say lowered, the joists & rafters to below utility line heights for the move. At the time, had we not lowered the height, the phone company charged $75 per drop & raise of their lines and the electric company charged $200 per drop & raise for theirs. Moved 12 miles that would have been a LOT of drops and a LOT of money. The actual move cost us $1,200. I've forgotten what we paid the friends that helped with lowering and raising the roof again once on site but it was way less than paying the utility companies for moving their lines. I'm sure the prices now'adays are bound to be much higher.

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