New River Cabinets

diab123February 18, 2013

How do New River cabinets compare to more "known" brands. KD calls New River "custom" and says they are same as CWP cabinets, made in same factory etc.

What is different in New River compared to CWP?
How does New River compare to Brookhaven from Woodmode. I've seen the post that says they are a bit below Brookhaven in quality---but don't think anyone has said what features set them in a lower category.

Thank you.

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The most noticable differnces the drawer glides, chinese last I knew, dinished ends are tacked on, and chinese ply. Have not dealt with it for a while so not sure if that or anything else has changed.

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Were drawer glides a problem with New River?
Dinished ends...don't even know what that means.
Thank you for clarifying.

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Finished ends.

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