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thegirlysApril 11, 2007

Will be attacking My junk room this weekend. Mainly because I cant open the door because there is so much stuff in there. My goal is to turn it into a guestrom/office. I determined to get this done. my question is, what are the "essential organizing tools" that I am going to need. I want to have try to have everything handy, so I don't have to stop and go get/buy it. Thanks and wish me luck!!

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Boxes and garbage bags and a ruthless attitude.

NOTHING stays unless it is loved, used, needed AND irreplaceable. Keep repeating that.

Decide ahead how much volume to keep and limit yourself to those boxes only. You can organize it later. Of the rest, the good stuff can be donated, the crap goes.

Go for it!!!!

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packing tape, a magic marker for labeling.

Big boxes for taking stuff out; smaller boxes (shoebox size, or slightly larger) for stashing stuff in that you're keeping (you can replace them w/ more suitably sizes storage solutions later)

The address of whatever donation place you're taking the give-aways to, and a plan for getting them there.

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I'm a fan of using laundry baskets when I'm sorting through a mess. I have them on hand and I cannot fill them past my ability to carry them. Make sure to designate 3 (or 4) areas - "keep" "toss" "donate" and if you're inclined - "yardsale/Craigslist/Ebay".

I like to have music or talk radio to keep me company. Sometimes when the project is overwhelming, I set the timer for 15/30/60 minutes (whatever I think I can handle), and when the timer sounds, take a break of some sort.

Getting the top layer of stuff out of the room generally has the greatest impact, but don't stop there - go through the drawers, under the bed - you know the routine - shake out the entire room.

Good luck! Take some before and after photos and show off your progress.

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Have something to contain "Keeping just not here". Think the stray puzzle piece, photos, stuffed animal, button. Don't get caught up in taking every little thing to its rightful home. When you're done, could you come here?

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While I agree with tommeca that it's important to go through drawers, under the bed, etc, don't get caught up in this right now!!

Make the big picture cleaner - at least in the first pass, I'd ignore the stuff that's in drawers and cabinets unless you absolutely know that you're getting rid of almost everything in that drawer. Why? Because things in drawers and cabinets tend to be smaller and somehow, it's easier to get side tracked with the little stuff... you start to wander down memory lane, you start sorting and organizing your spare button collection when what you need to be doing is just getting rid of it or finding a new home for it and plan to sort out the button collection later.

Get the big picture done first. It will feel great. It will look great. THEN go back and get down to details.

Oh, and one other tip - create a staging area for things that are on the way out. Once the car is full for the first donation run, you'll need a spot for those additional boxes and bags of giveaways so you can get them out of the room.

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