storing spare toilet paper

talley_sue_nycApril 21, 2012

I ran across this product, and I thought I'd share

"Bottoms" spare-toilet-paper holder.

Basically, it's a pole that mounts on the back of the cabinet door, so you can put the toilet paper rolls up above the stuff that sits on the bottom of the cabinet floor.

I don't need it, bcs we just fill the entire half of the cabinet w/ toilet paper, stacked all the way to the top. But for people who need more of their space for cleaning supplies, etc., this is pretty neat!

I bought a translucent plastic freestanding holder to go in the little bathroom. There's no cabinet in there. The chrome one I had was getting sort of grungy and rusty, and I like that you can *sort of* see how many rolls are left, so you can bring a spare in.

how do you store your spare toilet paper?

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I found something at IKEA that sits between the toilet and the wall; it's only as wide as a roll of paper and as tall as three rolls (plus the feet). It holds 9 rolls and has a round container that holds the toilet bowl brush. Because of the lid, I can sit a box of wet wipes on top. I love it. I tried to find it on IKEA's website so I could show it but it's gone, sorry.

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I have been looking for a holder like I had years ago in a former house. It mounted on the wall and held about five rolls. I have not been able to find this again. I can find ones that sit on the floor, but I try to keep the floor clear in the bathroom - it makes it easier to clean.

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One spare roll (or two!) sits in the vanity of each bathroom.
The rest are on a shelf in the linen closet.

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I always check out Ikea's TP holders when I am there. I wish they would make a wall mounted one.

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We have four bathrooms with different storage in each for extra TP.
In this rooms bathroom (once our daughter's suite) I have a tall round lidded wicker basket that holds two rolls.
In the guest bathroom we just keep it in one of the drawers of the vanity until I remember to make a wooden lid for the metal Americana round can I found that will hold two. (The picture is actually of the trash can, but the TP holder looks just like it.)
In the master bath water closet I have a white plastic rolling drawer cart that holds six double rolls in two of it's drawers.
In the half bath on the main level I have a little white cabinet that hold six in it's drawer and more can go in the over the toilet cabinet.
Maybe talking about this tonight will help me remember to make the lid for the guest suites bathroom. I can hope anyway.

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Fori is not pleased

We also fill an entire shelf so don't need anything special. I love small bathrooms. You can reach everything without uhh getting up. :)

I see remodels or new homes with palatial bathrooms and the waste of space bothers me a little (do you really spend that much time in there?) but the not being able to reach everything from everywhere--that's the worst part!

I am a fuddyduddy before my time.

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Fori, yeah, I like that about my bathroom. I don't have to get up.

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Fori, that's is the most important part when in need of TP. With in reach! LOL

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I HAD to have this piece from pb but wasn't sure where I would use it. It's perfect for rolls of tp and rolled up towels, etc. I LOVE it in my bathroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cubby organizer

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Mika, so you bought it, and then looked for a place it could be useful?

I have stuff like that in my home. And I often end up really glad I took the plunge.

That's a nice piece!

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I just use the back of the toilet tank for extra rolls and stack them up. There is also a clear glass vase nearby that holds extra. In one bathroom, I use a 4 foot tall copper horn that stands in the corner, next to the toilet. The base of the horn supports the tube, and holds about nine rolls all by itself. I found it at a garage sale years ago, wondering what I was going to do with it, until I realized how it could work for me. It has a very small footprint and I find I like open storage for things like this, so no one has to wonder where it is.

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Here's a cute TP holder idea on Etsy.

(I have no affiliation with this person!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Etsy

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A paper-towel holder (an open elongated L shape, not the kind where you have to insert both ends of the paper-towel roll to the holder), affixed to the inside of the sink vanity's door closest to the twoi-let. Holds 2 rolls.
(Gonna have to replicate that on the other sink vanities.)

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More TP options -- if you like stainless!

Pretty sure Ikea, a few years ago, used to sell a version of the one that has rod that attaches to a wall.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chiasso

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Nice stuff, but $44 for a toilet paper holder is a little steep for me.

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I am lucky enough to have an entire 12-inch cabinet dedicated almost exclusively to TP. I buy the big package from the grocery store and keep one spare 4-pack in the pantry, and the rest will fit in that cabinet beside the toilet.

That spare pack in the pantry is the "emergency" pack. We can manage to run out in the bathroom, but somehow everyone knows to buy more if they get the pantry-pack out:)

Also, I just had a party this past weekend. Because the cabinet with the TP seems like it might not be the most likely one to look in if you're a stranded guest, I simply put out a new roll every time I was in the bathroom and the roll was below half. I put the half-used rolls back in the cabinet for non-guest use.

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Two rev-a-shelf pull out paper towel racks work great for me. Here are pics:
Pushed in. Notice one is mounted more to the front than the other in order to clear pipes behind.


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We keep the carton of it (I buy 96 roll cartons at the janitor supply store--one carton lasts me about a year, and is way, way cheaper than supermarket TP, and I get a style that's a better quality than most of the supermarket stuff) in the basement, and just bring up about a dozen rolls to the bathroom closet. When I notice the roll is about 3/4 used, I grab a roll and put it on the ledge by the toilet.

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