Central vacuum hose storage ideas?

coffeehausApril 8, 2009

Does anyone have some good ideas on how to store my 30 ft. long central vacuum hose? Right now, my method is to wrestle it onto the floor of a closet and close the door quickly before this "python" pops back out! :)

I'm wondering if some kind of large, vinyl coated hook(s) or arms mounted in the back of a closet would work.

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That is exactly what I have, Mine came with the unit - a metal hook which we mounted on the side wall of the closet about 4 feet off the floor.

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Hi coffeehaus,

My central vacuum came with a sturdy plastic hose holder which I hung on the side wall of a closet in the hall. It holds the 30-ft hose just fine. I lay the hose on the floor so I can loop it about 4 times without putting a kink in it. I have considered moving the hanger to the stairwell to the basement, but the closet seems handier.

I have read of others who keep their hoses in large round open baskets on a closet floor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hose holder

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Graywings...Thanks! Can you estimate the size of your hook? The closet I'm working with is pretty small.
Kathleenca...thanks for the link. Also, the idea of the basket is interesting. That way I could just tote the whole kit and kaboodle upstairs when I needed it, rather than draping the hose around my neck like the "Snake Lady" in the circus. But I might have to rethink which closet I store it in because a basket would never fit in the one I have in mind.
(Apologies if this reply gets posted twice...thought I posted it last night, but it did not appear. Must not have hit "Submit".)

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The hook is only 10 inches high by 8 inches wide, but of course the hose expands out from there.

Maybe you could store it under a bed?

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There's wall hangers for garden hoses that are similar in design. They're only a couple dollars at the discount stores. I use them in the garage for hanging extension cords, bungee cords, rope, chain, etc. Otherwise a wheeled plastic tote or wastebasket might make it easier to transport up and down the steps too.

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Actually when we were in our last house which had a central vac system we purchased a garden hose with a turning handle (not sure what they are called). When we were done with the hose we would wind the hose onto the stand and roll it into the front closet.

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My VacuFlo set came with this hanger, but Cynic's idea of a garden hose hanger would be cheaper! And the garden hose caddy bluesbarby suggested is a great idea, too.

Wrestling the hose into submission is actually the ONLY thing I'm not crazy about with my central vac . . . and my new house has 35' hoses -- one for each floor!! But that's a small price to pay!!

Here is a link that might be useful: VacuFlo hanger

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