Pull-outs! I Haz Them!

lazy_gardensApril 15, 2013

The end result of some cosmetic kitchen changes (new counters and a sink) was that the disposal had to be moved to mount it on the new sink ... and the guy who did it carefully installed the plumbing runs so it's not taking up as much space for the drains as it used to.

That left me with enough clear space to put the Rubbermaid slide-outs on BOTH SIDES! So now all that clutter is at least confined into two big pull-out bins and one top slider. :) Of course, there's so much stuff I can't pull one of the drawers out, but it's a start.

And I got a pull-out for the odd-sized baking dish cabinet (got two but didn't have enough clearance to install one) so I'm not having to remove all the items to get to the back.

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We need pics!

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Under the sink ... sponges, brushes and scrub towels to the left, one canister of scrub brushes in the middle, and cleaning solutions or DW detergent to the right.

Previously had been on a turntable and in various bins under there, and on the counter.

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And the other problem cabinet ... it's a bath cabinet, not a kitchen cabinet, and the shelf is making two very shallow spaces. A royal pain to get things out of.

I managed to find 20x20 pullouts meant for bath cabinets, and had enough working room to install one in the top.

AFTER: Various square and round casseroles up top, 9x13 baking dishes below on one side, with loaf pans on the other. The almost never used pie pans are behind the loaf pans.

Definitely easier access.

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Hooray! I love under-sink pullouts.

And for that short compartment: get a big tray to slide in there. (Even just get a 1/2-inch piece of plywood cut to fit, and caulk around the edge so stuff can't slide off so easily. Put those silicone glider pads on the bottom so it'll slide easily. Instant pullout!)

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Good tip, but I don't really need it for the bottom half ... the big baking dishes go all the way back, and I use the pie pans maybe once a year. I can send a youngster on an expedition back there.

It was the stuff in the top shelf (small corningware pans) that was the PITA.

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I know the love you are feeling! I guess pullouts are what you have to do if you don't have base cabinet drawers. I LOVE mine, the only issue is the installer didn't get--in one cab I wanted 3 pullouts to store short items.

While the installer was here, I had him take out a bottom drawer in the laundry room and replace it a pull out for my kitty litter box that I made from a storage container. I can kick it in when company comes. The installer asked for a picture so he could show other customers.

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Ooh, that's brilliant!

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Thank you Talley_Sue!!

*I'll have to take picture of what's between the base cabinet in the picture and the refrigerator to show "space utilization". I've crammed a number of things in there that are used frequently.

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Yeah, what is that stuff?

It looks interesting.

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