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JamieFebruary 8, 2013

Let me preface by saying that I can't think in 3 dimensions, visualize how lines are going to run, etc.
To this add that I wasn't living anywhere near the kitchen I was trying to do, and was going through family difficulty, and ended up not using a real GC.

Anyway, my point.

I really, really, really wanted to avoid a seam in the long run of soapstone (aside from where it joined a different material). I got various stories about how it was not possible, discussions/reasons, drawings, etc., etc. It is so difficult to fight for something when you have no idea whether it is possible, reasonable, sensible, and you can't envision it but have to trust some other sense.

Yesterday the run of soapstone with no seam that I worked so, so hard to achieve was installed. There is a vein right where the seam would have been and it looks exactly like a seam. I am smiling like Mona Lisa.

Meant to be?

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Isn't that funny?

"It is so difficult to fight for something when you have no idea whether it is possible, reasonable, sensible, and you can't envision it but have to trust some other sense."

I can totally relate to that! I have been going through that for more than a year. Almost everyone I talked to goes by what's "common" around here. It is next to impossible to get anyone to think out of the box. Urghh...

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I'm with ya, OP. Had more than a few people cast the 'hairy eyeball' at me when I've been explaining my vision.

The one that comes to mind the most is wanting a 'river' design in our master bath pebble tile floor. NOBODY got it but me. Tile guy actually made a face (didn't hire him). DH finally said he'd do it because he didn't think anyone else could give me what I wanted, and he wasn't even sure what that was, either. But, partway into it he called me and said "I'm getting it now".... and it turned out beautifully. Really, if we can put a man on the moon, how can a design execution, whatever it may be, cause people to go apoplectic so easily?

That one the universe gave me (sorry for the sideways pic):

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I think it shows strength of character that you can find the humor in this instead of getting upset. It is pretty funny. And honestly, when you look at just the one line, it sort of looks like a seam, but when you see it in context with the other veins, it's clearly a vein. But yes, life is full of irony.

Remember, too, that when the kitchen is finished and the counters are populated, the veins will be less noticeable than they are now.

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Deedles, THAT was difficult to conceptualize? It is exactly what I had in my head. OMG.

jamies, have you considered asking your fabricators [scream] WHAT IN THE HE!! THEY WERE THINKING AFTER THE LENGTHY DISCUSSION ON SEAMS, FABRICATING WITH A VEIN THERE? [end scream]
Is there any chance at all they can redo this? I won't say properly, because your countertops are gorgeous, but the way YOU want it?

My frustration.
I wanted a closet built with 2 doors. 24" pocket doors. And a stud in between them so I could hang something if I chose.

NOONE (SCREAMING) could picture what I wanted. I had to lay it out myself.
Finally, my fellow said, "but you can't have them open at the same time."
I said, "I can't bilocate, either, so I can't be in the both at the same time." I think he had to look that up.

Then we had a .. ah.. difference about the stud. I didn't need it. Why? Why not horizontal (a cat)? What was I going to hang there?

I was in a "screw with me at your own risk because I'll get someone who will do this with far less crap" state of mind from exhaustion.

Finally, when all was said and done with much head shaking, I got my closet. One side coat closet and one side utility/cat littlr closet, with the pocket and the stud in between in case I decide to hang (myself) something from it. I just finished distressing and antiquing the doors:

I open and close the doors a lot. This is the first closet I have had since 2006. I can hang up a coat.

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This is priceless. I just drove up earlier in the week to discuss the layout of my soapstone with the fabricator and I really wanted to avoid a long seam in the only longish section I had. We have lovely streaks in our belvedere and I hope to keep it unoiled and irrespective how fantastic the seam would be, the pattern would change. Finally we agreed to 4 small seams in the front and back of the cooktop and the sink. But I had to actually hold the template and show how I wanted it. Phew!

Deedles - I love the river! It is exactly what I would expect it to be. I have found that words are hard to describe what you want. For some time I thought it was me being stupid and asking for silly impractical things. As a very verbal person, it was frustrating for me to not being able to get my point across. Then I realized that the person at the other end got pictures more than words. I have been working on my sketching skills :)

CEFfreeman --> I get it! This is cool. I wanted bracing studs in several places as I wanted to hang stuff, put in floating shelves or add safety bars in the bathroom. Finally I had to have a conversation that .. if you can do a stud here do it. Do not ask why.. it is not important for you to know.

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Yours is not to question why.
Yours is to do or die.
Or be canned.

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