removing mildew/mold from exterior paint

brandyrayMay 29, 2010

Hello, I need some help. I have an exterior wall (garden shed) that has mildewed. I want to remove the mildew so I can repaint. I had a recipe for mixing bleach and water to remove it, but I can't find it. Can anyone help me w/ it?

I have help and want to do it this weekend. Thanks! Brandyray

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I always use Jomax and spray it on and leave it and then come back and rinse and scrub if needed. I think it is better than just bleach and water. I have used both. Also make sure and put mildew inhibitor in the paint. It helps a little. Also the cause of mildew on paint is stuff like pollen collecting on the paint so if you hose down the areas each year after pollen season you won't get the mildew in the first place. That is what my painter told me. Good luck. c

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"Also the cause of mildew on paint is stuff like pollen collecting on the paint ..."

Not being able to dry out is a bigger cause.
Behind exterior shrubs, no direct sun, plants very close to the surface, all lead to moisture taking a long time to dry.

Constant moisture will cause even clean paint to mildew.

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Thank you, trailrunner. I've never heard of Jomax but I will look for it or a suitable substitute.
Yes, brick.., that side of the bldg is in shade and the woods are right behind it. But, this is also a notorious area for mildew because of the humidity.
I was hoping just bleach and water would be sufficient, but, if not, that means a trip to town...when I wanted to get started on it tomorrow first thing...oh well. Grocery store, etc. nearer did not have it, nor anything else of the sort. Thanks.

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