well, it's dead!

artmomApril 2, 2006

My refridgerator died yesterday. I knew it was going but put it off cause I didn't want to spend the money till I was sure. Now I've got 3 coolers in the kitchen with ice till Sat. when they deliver. Thank goodness for the freezer in the garage AND that I put off grocery shopping for a day. We are have lots of bacon for breakfast and probably some mayonaise sandwiches for lunch along with some oddities till the coolers are empty. Guess my shopping list will change a bit. I can't wait for the new one, it's got adjustable bins on the doors and lots of room.

Here is a link that might be useful: lg fridge

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That's a beautiful fridge. Don't you just love the idea of the freezer being in the bottom? It totally makes sense to put it there cause cold falls.

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It took us seven weeks to get a new fridge last fall. Of course, they only had stainless steel in stock and I wanted white. No other model would do.... It was my first time to get to actually pick the model rather than just living with what was in a house when we moved in. We had to end up renting a small fridge from a rental place.

I hope your's comes in on time. It was a true pain.


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Getting a new fridge is so much fun! At least it was for me. It's now almost 4 years old and still feels new!


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FUN??? No, absolutely not! I hate even the thought of refrigerator shopping.

We've needed a new one for years and I just keep putting off shopping for it. I prefer a side-by-side but it's nearly impossible to find one without an ice maker.

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I'm really curious. Why don't you want an ice maker? I can't think of a bigger pain than making ice. Also I'm a gardener on it sure is handy for getting a glass of ice water without reaching into the ice with gardeners (read dirty) hands!

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I can't wait for a new refrigerator. We bought a new one when we moved in to our current house and it had to be tiny to fit the space we had. After renovating the kitchen, we parked it in a much larger cabinet surround, intending to get a new, larger one at some point in time. Even knowing what a huge pain it will be, I cannot wait for this fridge to die! And it's still chugging along 12 years later ...

We had houseguests a couple of weekends ago and there just wasn't enough room for everything I needed to have in there. I've also had things come flying out because they have been balanced on top of jars and whatnot, and from time to time the bar that holds the items in the door has popped out of place -- it's become a real pain in the neck.

I've seen the fridge style I want, freezer on the bottom, wide shelves, bins in the doors, just like artmom's. The old fridge doesn't owe us anything, and DH has agreed it's time to replace it.

Gloria, thanks for your comments on having to wait for a white fridge, that's what I want, too, and it never occurred to me it wouldn't be readily available. I just don't like the look of stainless with my kitchen.

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Several years ago, our fridge started making noises. We bought a new one right away instead of waiting for it to fall apart, bcs we just knew it would go right when we'd stocked up, etc. And no freezer in the garage for backup, either.

We noticed a BIG drop in our electric bill, even though our new fridge was bigger. $28 or something lower a month.

So, sheriz6, you ought to replace your fridge just because it's 12 years old. In addition to the *machinery* being old, the *technology* is old. New fridges will use less energy.

Look into the French door fridge--a single compartment, but w/ two doors that open in the middle. You can open only one if you want, or both if you're storing something wide.

I have a narrow kitchen, and I wish I'd gotten a fridge like that. I don't think they'd come out with it when we planned our kitchen. It would have been perfect.

Isn't that funny about white not being in stock. I got white appliances in my new dark-wood kitchen, and feel like the odd man out!

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Sorry about your fridge Betsy, but congrats on the new one! We bought one brand new when we moved in, and had to wait for two months to get it (black, french doors on top, freezer drawer on the bottom). It was a nightmare, but I loved it when I got it.

Of course the compresser died just 14 months after we got it (yes, that would be right during Christmas & New Year's this year, so we had to get that replaced, which took two weeks as well (seriously annoying). The repair guy said that on models like ours, the coils are on the bottom, so you have to remember to vaccuum *under* the fridge once every few weeks, not just around & behind it. *sigh*

In any case, I hope you have good luck with yours - personally, I never want to have to buy a new fridge again (and with what this one cost, I shouldn't have to, really)!!

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Must be the season... we bought new one this weekend... it should be deliverd on Thursday. I also got an LG, but I got the French Door with water in the door. I am SO excited!

It was a real struggle... I also saw the new Samsung...ohhhh baby is that thing nice!!!! I love the feature of having two drawers and 1 door that can be freige space.... I could just see about a zillion differnt ways to organize it. Alas it did not have the platter area that I desire and it was 3K!!!!!! so we stuck with the LG which will still be wonderful.


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No ice maker. We only use ice when somebody gets injured, and thankfully that's not a daily thing! I don't want to give up the space in the freezer OR have something else to clean or dust when we won't really use it. We have bottled water so that's not an issue either.

DH (this is hysterical!) doesn't want one because Mrs. So-and-so had one and the ice always tasted funny. This Mrs. So-and-so was someone he knew 35 years or so ago!!!


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Julie - really? That's the only time you use ice??? I'm amazed. Maybe my family is just really into ice! (I know my DH is - everything is "extra ice".)

Yes, buying a new fridge was fun for us. We haven't really purchased many brand-new appliances in our 19 years of marriage, so when we do, it's fun! Fortunately, we've had absolutely no problems with our Kitchen Aid Stainless Side-by-Side. I'm more amazed at the fridge that's out in the garage. We got it with the purchase of our previous home, so I have no idea how old it is. And it's some knock-off cheapie brand. And yet, it's still running strong! We brought it from our last house to this one as an extra fridge/freezer for the garage. With 3 kids, it's been a blessing. I'm sure it doesn't rate very high with Consumer Reports, but it's rating high with us!


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Ohh, I put an ice maker high on my list now too. I love having one. We have great water here and never use bottled. We probably empty half the ice bin everyday drinking water and juice.

The one thing I did when replacing our fridge was hunt for one with no computer board. Our previous fridge was only 5 years old. A new board would have been two hundred and our fix it guy said it would probably go out again in 5 years or so. After talking with a second fix it guy, the opinion of both was "no computer board" was the way to go.

We'll see how long it lasts. I do love how lightweight it is compared to the old fridge in the last house. I can just roll it easily to clean or get that stray toy.


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It is always fun to read how many different ways there are to live our lives and tend to business. As I read through the thread, I immediately note the points that ring my chimes! My side-by-side Kenmore w/ ice maker and water dispenser in the door is 19 years old. Not only have I never had a problem w/ it, I have NEVER moved it - which means, of course, that the dust must be pressed into diamonds by now.

For me and my then DH, the irony of the ice maker was that he had recently sobered up - and we had much less call for ice as the result. However, I love having it. Yes - if you don't use the ice - it DOES taste funny - picks up freezer odors - so I sometimes have to dump the bucket and let the new ones accumulate.

I hope my posting this isn't going to give my unit "ideas". In the 19 years since moving into the house w/ all new appliances, I have replaced only the washer/dryer (last year) and the hot water tank - which was really done just because "it was time". You don't want one of those rusting through to let you know you were too late!

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Wannadanc, I agree, it is fun to get a peek at other folks' lives and preferences.

Our refrigerator was a wedding gift from my inlaws, and we celebrated our 20th anniversary in January! The fridge is working well (knock wood) but the exterior is getting rust spots :(. And unfortunately they look very much like dirt so the effect is definitely unpleasant. I'm holding out for a new one until we remodel the kitchen which will be a few more years yet. No ice maker in ours and no water dispenser.

The technology has changed too, not to mention sizes and doors. My husband insists on a side by side but it's always bugged me that it doesn't accomodate wide frozen items. I will be checking out the newer styles like french doors. As for size, with my kids now 14 and 17 YO already, I really am not sure how large a refrigerator we'll even want or need when we replace ours. We're not big eaters and don't tend to keep lots of food in the one we have now so I can't imagine anything larger than what we have now.

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I've opted for a side by side with ice. Ice is a precious commodity in my home. I checked out the French door fridges, and maybe it's because I'm a mother to 5 kids who are "rough and tumble", I thought out the pros and cons.

The first con to a french fridge was the fact that I'd have to reach into the bottom for the ice which is in a bucket. My kids who are teens now, still don't wash their hands as often as I wish they would. My imagination told me of all the bits of dirt and such in my glass of icewater.

Then I remembered, that my kids like to lean on things. They've been known to open both the freezer and the fridge, while looking for something to munch on. I could just see them leaning on the open freezer door with their knee (I imagine little kids would use the freezer door as a step stool to get into the fridge when mom or dad aren't looking too)

I also saw in my mind's eye the hair and stuff that would fall into the freezer as someone bends over searching for food (imagine your cutlery drawer that you have to clean out each month

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lobotome has a good point about stuff falling in a freezer drawer--I know what my cutlery drawer looks like after DH makes a sandwich. My husband was talking about a bottom freezer, but I know he would be the worst offender when it came to dropping things in there.

Sheryl, it's true--we don't use ice except for injuries. LOL We have to be very watchful because our freezer will eventually defrost the ice cube trays when we're not paying attention. We'll be buying a few big bags of ice in a couple months for summer time; we tend to lose power in storms and we need ice on hand to fill coolers.

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Got my fridge!!! (singing and dancing) It's pretty big, tons of room inside. A bit deeper than the old one. The door beeps if you leave it open too long.Lots of storage on the door and the best part...it's so quiet. Now I have to go shopping and fill it up. Glad I saved the egg container from the old one cause this one didn't come with one. Now the computer is making a horrible noise, grrr.

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My newish fridge is deeper than the one it replaced, too--and it's a bit annoying, actually. I lose a lot of stuff in the back.

Enjoy yours!

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The door beeps if you leave it open too long????

Enjoy your new fridge! As I said before, I still love ours, and it's now over 3 years old. I just cleaned it out the other day, in fact. Woo hoo!


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