Pros or Cons to bump out at sink???

rockrisleyFebruary 21, 2010

Looking over my neighbors plans for kitchen renovation. She saw they put a bump out at sink and was wondering if anyone has any opinion one way or another on this? Thanks.

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I am curious what others will way in here, but I would say it is a subtle but attractive feature and all things considered being equal, I would do it.

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I have a bump out at my sink. The only con for me is that I'm only 5ft tall and now I can't reach the window to open it....:-) Oh, actually, two more things... I have a clipped corner sink base which has the extra bump out with fluted columns on an angle (see picture). Because of this, with the dishwasher right next to it, for some reason, you see the DW hinge in the corner. I've asked the contractor to move the DW back but he says it's as far back as it can go. I don't believe him but if this is true, it might be something to consider. Lastly, on the other side of my sink is a corner ez reach cabinet. The door opens the other way but I could see it being an issue if the door opened into the bump-out.

As for pros, I have plenty of room for my faucet and an extra deep sink. And I like the extra little detail in the room.

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We will have a counter-height window in front of the sink and 6-inch walls in our new addition and will be extending the formica countertop out to the window. It was my hope that a sink bumpout would allow me sufficient space to put plants between the window and the sink. I dropped my advocacy of it when I found out that there would not be room for plant pots of suitable size in front of honeycomb shades.

We've specced out a bumpout because hubby likes the look. Period.
One more thing to think about is that you will lose a few inches to the two spacers between the bumps and the units on each side. If you're short on space, don't do it.

I appreciate Teresa's comment that says this makes the window harder to open for shorter people. Thanks for the observation. (I would assume that this would also be a factor for operating the controls for honeycombs or roman shades or blinds that ride alongside the window. It will also affect washing that window, dealing with inevitable splashes.) Because our window is wider than the bumpout, the arm reaching distance won't be too much of a problem for us, I hope.

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I love my bumped out sink. I bumped out my cooktop too, as it is directly across from the sink. My main food prep area is to the right of the cooktop and I often find myself leaning against the "bump" while I prep food. It's great!

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I am sorry we did not bump out our sink area. It would have given us more room at the back near the backsplash. If there is any water splashing, I worry about mold in the seam between the counter and the backsplash, so I am always drying it, just in case. When we did the reno, I was worried about taking up more floor space in our small U shaped kitchen, but in hindsight, it would not have been a problem.

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I have a double bump out -- sink is set forward 4" and the farm sink is set forward in that. It's the most comfortable sink EVER -- anyone who visits and uses remarks on it. Also, there's about 7 inches between the faucet and the wall so it never gets icky. I highly recommend it. The only warning is to be sure nothing is too tight on either side of the bump out.

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Do all bump outs have a decoration on the sides, for example table legs on the sides of a sink bump out or the decorative panels like theresa518's bump out?

My KD has given me a bump out for my sink and rangetop, but due to space limitations, there isn't anything decorative on the sides. The bump out will be 3 inches. I think the granite countertop will accent the bump, but wondering if it will look silly without cabinet decorations.

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I have a bumpout at the sink and a matching one across the kitchen on a long server run.

I love the look. It breaks up a long run of cabinetry.
It provides more space for the faucet and soap dispenser. My last kitchen didn't have the sink bumpout and the faucet was very close to the backsplash -- so close that it was challenging to clean around the fixtures.

Con: I occasionally bump my hip when I'm cooking or cleaning in a hurry!

Here's mine . . . complete with stuff on the counter!

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We are bumping our sink out 3" because the windows come down pretty low and I wanted to be sure to have space for the faucet behind. We have casement windows so I don't think the reach will be an issue.

It was intended all along to bump it out but though I mentioned it to cabinet guy, we both forgot when he was drawing. I just had him add it this week but didn't want to take too much away from adjacent cabinets, so he just added a 2" filler next to the DW and a stile for the cabinet on the other side. For us, it is purely functional; it will not be decorated, just bumped straight out. I don't think it will look silly. I would have loved to have it with decorative columns, but I think it will be fine. I'll add interest in other areas. Cabinets are underway and should be done in a week or so. (Motherof3, I'll post pics when I have counters, probably not for another 3 weeks.)

nhbaskets has an undecorated bump-out; looks great, nice and simple.

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jsweenc - Thanks for posting the pictures. I think that simple bumpout is exactly what I am hoping to do. We have a lot of decorative touches and details on our center island and just wanted something simple to highlight the sink and rangetop. Good luck with your cabinets. I'll watch out for your post.

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In my last kitchen I had an apron front sink so it was slightly bumped out about 1/5" but my whole sink wall was pulled out about 4 inches from the outside wall so I had a really deep counter and lots of extra space behind my sink for the faucet and 'stuff". In my new kitchen I don't have the luxury of space so I did the apron front sink to allow for a few more inches behind for the faucet. The new sink is slightly bumped out about 2" so the sink comes beyond the counter depth but the base cabinet is still flush with rest of the wall. I needed to salvage as much floor space as possible in my tiny, new kitchen. I think it depends on how much space you have to deal with. Having extra space behind the faucet is nice if you can do it.

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Hmm, I was expecting a sink bumpout to be an OUTY and not an INNY, if you get my drift. I was thinking there would be a garden window. It took me a while and a few pictures to see that it was a really pretty thing to do, and that it gave additional room behind the faucet/sink to avoid splashing.

Well, I like that concept. But it can be achieved another way, with a garden window that is level with the counter top and does bump OUT, and avoids a splash, and you have a LOT of room for flower pots or whatever you like.

I saw exactly what I wanted to do in the coach house for the Ballyhannon Castle in Quin, Ireland. And for almost four years, I've kept that image in my head until now I am almost ready to make my sink be an OUTY. Our kitchen will still be much too narrow to bring the sink cabinet forward into the room, so this will be the only workable way to go.
Somewhere in my vacation pictures, I have a shot of that sink and window in the coachhouse, and hope I can post it here for you to see.

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We bumped the window out like moccasin suggested. Now I have plenty of room for potted plants behind the sink. And it also cuts down on water being splashed onto the window. My husband has huge hands and he likes to shake the water off of them at the sink. I was afraid that if I had the window installed counter height that he'd be forever shaking the water onto the glass. But with the window being bumped out 8" this rarely happens.

I do like the look of a sink bumped forward, but if it doesn't offer more space behind the sink then I don't see the big advantage except for looks. I wonder if a bumped out sink will go out of style and look dated any time soon. Certainly nothing that would stop me from doing it if I loved it . . . but if you are concerned about resale then something to consider I suppose.

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My bump out has zero architectural elements. The counter top was easily shaped to accomodate the changes in the front profile.

Here is a link that might be useful: double bump out

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Assuming you've seen enough but I just ran across another unadorned bumped out sink. Sorry the photo is so big.

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judydel, what does a bumped out window look like from the outside? Does it stick out beyond the siding? Does it need a little roof on it? I'd love to see pics because I just can't picture what it looks like. TIA!

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lisa_a, have you seen mamadadapaige's and erikanh's pics of their bumpouts? I hope they don't mind me posting them here. I got them from another thread.

I'd love to see judydel's too, if she'd show us!

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Thanks, jsweenc! That's about what I'd imagined but pictures help so much.

If I did this for my corner kit*chen windows, one would need a roof, the other wouldn't (it looks out on a covered deck area). Wonder if that would look weird.

btw, I just came across that Plain & Fancy cab*inet photo yesterday. So weird to see you post it here today.

(* added to words to turn off blasted intelli-ads.)

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I'm sorry but I don't have a photo of our bumped out window from the outside to share right now. But I'll take one tomorrow in the day light : )

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I wouldn't think it would look strange being around the corner and under cover, any more than having one under cover now and one not may look strange (does it?). If you bumped them both out, wouldn't it be a huge reach to the back corner? No, wait, you decided to have your sink straight on in front of one of the windows, right? That wouldn't be such a bad reach.

Our cabinets are in production but seeing the P&F cabinet prompted me to ask Cabinet Guy if we could have feet at the bottom of our cabinet. He said he would see what he could do... not yes. Didn't look like a big deal to me and hopefully won't be, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see! I'd hate for it to be hanging over the floor.

You are s*m*a*r*t!!!

Sorry to hijack, rock!

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I plan to bump out my cooktop area, I have a 36 inch induction stove... any reason not to? I did it for esthetics

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ajard, I bumped out my cooktop area. I had to also bump out the hood too though, or it would not properly cover the burners. I had my cabinet over the cooktop 15" instead of 12" and had a strip of stainless made up to fill in the space behind the hood, which was made to attach to a 12" deep upper cabinet. It worked great and looks wonderful.

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