Kitchen layout, What do you think?

powergirlFebruary 27, 2013

Hi All,

We are trying to save money and design the kitchen our selves. We are knocking down walls and adding new space onto our kitchen. The island will be aprox. 9' X 4.5' with a sink and dishwasher in it. This will allow for seating for 4. We will have a 30" double electric wall oven, 36" gas cooktop. We are a little stumped about what to put on the backside of the island. Doors with handles, no handles, end panels for a clean look and make it dead space?? Tell me what you think. Thanks

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I'm no expert, but I would think with the sink and DW in the island, you should have room on the backside for some cabinet space. I would not put handles though if people are going to be sitting there. I applaud you for trying to design it are in the right place for layout help. Hopefully our wonderful layout gurus will chime in!

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I am no designer but I think they want actual measurements on the drawings? To be sure your walkways are the right width etc. I agree, no handles on the back but I would definitely take advantage of the space for storage, store things you don't use every day there. No handles like angel said so people don't bump their knees. Might want to consider some open shelving on the one side of your island for cookbooks or a wine rack. That is what we have on ours and I love it. Also I don't know what type of cabinets you are choosing but you might consider some with glass fronts to "lighten up" the look a little. Do you have natural light coming in from anywhere?

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Thanks Angel! kam76: Good point, I am attaching a layout with more information. I was considering glass front cabinets for the wall by the cooktop. I just have to make sure I have enough storage space to do that.

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Move the wall oven the end of the cooktop run. Then move the cleanup sink to where the wall oven was. Your dish storage will be above. Add a prep sink to the island. Now you have a large prep space instead of having to share cleanup and prep and compromising on both. The MW can go on the end of the island in a base cabinet.

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Thanks live wire. When you say move the wall oven do you mean in place of the upper and lower cabinetry? So it would be right next to the cook top? I can't add it to the end because there isn't any wall space there. I love the idea of a prep sink but I am not sure we can afford the cost of 2 sinks plus moving the plumbing over to that wall. The sink in the island is where the original sink was so no need to move pipes. Love the idea of the MW in the island but also toying with putting a beverage center there??

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If live_wire_oak means leaving the wall oven on the current wall but moving it down, I'd be worried about having it right next to the open doorway. I recently toured a model home with the exact same kitchen layout, only with the wall ovens just next to the doorway, and every single mom in the group agreed with me that if you were trying to get a turkey out of the oven just as two kids came barreling through that doorway, they'd get a mighty bump on the face from the open oven door, or my turkey would end up on the floor. =)

In the model I toured that doorway led to a private family space (garage entrance, laundry room, back stairs) but the half bath for guests was also back there, which meant a slight traffic problem as well, if the door was blocked by someone putting something into the oven.

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My kitchen layout has many similarities to yours. I have my one and only sink in the island and it is across from my cooktop and my ovens are in the same general area as yours are. In my kitchen the fridge is about were your doorway next to the pantry cabinet is.
I find that the arrangement works very well. I truly don't mind having a joint prep and clean up area. It's so easy to get stuff from the fridge and place it on the island, prep it and then turn and cook on the stove top. Prep utensils can then go quickly into the dishwasher.
I have 50 inches between my island and cooktop wall and that is more than enough room even if someone is at the sink and someone at the cooktop.
I do think you should consider all drawers on your cooktop wall. That is what I have and I love being able to open the dishwasher and the drawers across from it and unload the dishes, flatware and pots into the drawers.
Even with my dishwasher and/or drawers open there is room to walk through or of course one can walk around the backside of the island. My DH and I cook together in the kitchen all the time and the layout works fine for us. My island is not deep enough for seating but we have a small sitting area just beyond it. Definitely put storage on the backside of your island for items that are only used occasionally. You can never have too much storage.
I think your plan could work out just fine for you. Good luck with your remodel.

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Like this. Move the cooktop over so you have space on both sides and you have a giant prep space on the island with the cleanup separated. It makes a nice functional space, and it's very attractive as a focal point.

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