Help Choosing FR Barstools

GoosterJanuary 5, 2014

Although the main part of my FR remodel is done, I'm stuck with the old bar and barstools in the corner. Please help me pick a barstool. Five candidates are given below.

To be honest, it is not a high priority item. I took the old stools and painted and recovered them. I'm just not happy with the ladderback shape and the fabric did not go well at all. Here's a picture.

I have a new console on order (to replace the accessory-graveyard of a bookcase) and the art search and decluttering will continue (at a slow pace). A mirror is also hung behind the bar.

Here's a picture of the rest of the room:

Here are the candidates -- you all are so helpful in applying another set of eyes to the choices. Feel free to suggest alternatives.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to before/after thread, more pictures

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I love your room! For the stools, I like either option e or c, but I'm no expert; just someone who likes to read and participate in design discussions. I'm sure others will be along soon with their input too.Keep us posted.

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I like B,C and E, and I also really like Ballard Designs swivel stool

I think the one I pictured is actually the counter height stool. The bar height is a bit taller, less squatty.

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I love option A. I think the rounded back would add more interest since so many pieces are more straight lined. I also like the contrast of the dark wood!

Btw, will you be adding a rug to the room? Love your space! Great job.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I like the sloped arms that mlweaving posted as it echoes your green chairs, and we have a strong preference for swivel, esp at bar height as we are short and find it hard to get on and off those chairs....and once in them, we are too high to scootch them in.

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i agree that a swivel stool is best for that height!
i personally would get woodtoned stools rather than painted white stools-- the white look like they belong in a kitchen to me... something like mlweaving shows would look great!

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I agree about liking the wood tones rather than the white, and also about a preference for swivel.

Saloom Furniture has some nice stools in both swivel and non, that you can get custom stained and choose from a nice range of fabric. We have them for our island, and the quality is great.

Saloom Bar Stools

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After all the beautiful work you have done do you have to be "stuck" with a bar you do not like? You would probably use it more often if you cut it down to counter height if it must stay. If you did that it could also double as a buffet top. It's so much nicer to have food at counter height as chafing dishes height make it impossible for short people.

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Here are some suggestions

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Thanks all for the suggestions and feedback!

jan_in_WI: Thanks for the kind words! All opinions and perspectives are valuable.

mlweaving_Marji: I do love that BD stool. Even more so, because I actually have them in the new kitchen! I ruled them out because I do already have them in the counterheight version, but agree they would go so well.

aktillery: I do love the rounded back on the Century piece. They are actually metal outdoor pieces, but come in a variety of finishes. The bamboo look of A and B are echoed in the legs of the wood end table and console I have in the room. I am holding off on a rug for the seating area for right now -- it would help anchor the seating arrangement. And thanks for the kind words, as well!

AnnieD: Thanks for the good reminder on the utility of the swivel. I always have trouble finding swivel ones that don't look too heavy. The BD ones are great, but duplicative.

busybee: Good point about the white -- it may look to stark. B comes in a dove grey similar to my trim/cabinet color. The Tommy Bahama (C) only comes in ivory, though.

sas95: thanks for the Saloom tip; I will check them out.

jterrilynn: the bar is probably too big but I don't mind the functionality. It is useful for entertaining, even at the higher height. It is just rather large; but I'm not certain what we would do with the extra space. In the first wave of remodel, 18 years ago, the granite and trim was added. In this wave, it was painted out to match the rest. Ideally, it would have been chopped down, but budget-wise I was already over a self-imposed limit. It is plumbed and electrified.

beverly27: thanks for the suggestions! I was also looking at some bistro-style stools like the one you showed -- and I do like those white stools (at Horchow, I believe). You seem to prefer the painted stools.

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I found a swivel barstool in a wood ("F"), but I'm a bit concerned that it might look to heavy and that the geometric will clash. I am afraid that white may look to stark next to the other colors. I did find a photo of the Chinoiserie stool "B" in the dove grey. (I also found an x-back chair, both painted and wood toned, in a swivel). Any thoughts?

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I'm partial to D :) If they're the Carrington Court, I can vouch for how incredibly comfortable they are.

How about in green fabric to match your other chairs? The room looks so nice!

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gooster, I really love your choices and think the FR looks great. Found the link to your kitchen reno and think the continuity between the two spaces is so smart. With the "X" cabinet doors, I like the idea of continuing that to the back of the bar stools or going with an upholstered one like in your kitchen. One of the nicest renovations I've seen!

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I like D also or the Ballard Design. I think an an upholstered stool will soften & warm up the bar area.

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oldbat2be: I remember "D" from your lovely kitchen! They were my inspiration to try out Carrington Court for my new host chairs in the dining room. They are really nice and well made. I'm shying away from green right now -- it seems like I have green overload. I am thinking to introduce more of the rusty red/burnt orange.

arapaho: thanks sound much! It does seem everyone thinks I should continue the themes, which was my first inclination. I'm looking for alternative swivel upholstered and X back chairs.

romy: yes, that bar area has a lot of painted wood and granite. The BD stool above is great, but I don't want to repeat it. So the search continues for a swivel chair -- I'm checking out the dealer-only lines but some of the stools are shockingly expensive

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Hmm. I missed the x theme, like it. Uber cheap idea - recover with large x black and white fabric?

Neat that you tried CC! I shall hunt for your reveal pictures:)

I'm still not sold on the swivel. I so adore my CC 26" counter stools. I'm short 5'3" and can easily scooch the stool in or out. Sometimes we line two or three up in a tight row and stretch out. So comfortable....

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oldbat: I don't have a LR/DR reveal, just a questions thread as I battle my accent wall and finishing details. It is under a question about painting a mirror.

I do think a stool is lightweight enough, but then again a swivel would be nice -- but only when they are like the BD chairs and the swivel is not as obviously "pedastal-like", if that makes sense.

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Now that my first choice is out. I am voting for A in the most recent post of chairs. It is lovely and goes well with your room.

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Well, actually was not out until I got some unexpected vetoes on the home front...

the x-backs seem to be the preferred choices. beverly made some great choices but a padded seat is a must. The search continues, although the one above is the closest in color and style. The BD, Horchow, Lexington and Jonathan Adler choices won't work due to the duplication and/or objection to Chinoiserie. sigh.

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Any thoughts about the X on the seat /fabric vs the chair back?

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oldbat2be: Oh so sorry! Yes I think that is a great idea, regardless of which stool. Perhaps something like one of these --

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For several years I had bar stools (similar to item C). I tired of moving them for swiffering and mopping; they are quite heavy so I put them in the storage unit and bought saddle stools at Christmas as 3 of the grandchildren would be sitting at the bar while 2 graduated to the main table that seats 10 and 4 ladies sat in the breakfast room area near the bar in order to attend the baby and the 3 younger ones.

At clean up, I was delighted I had done that. I can always bring them back from the storage area if I decide to but I am enjoying the lightweight of the little saddles. Just food for thought.

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Well, I wanted to come back and thank everyone. I went ahead and compromised (Dreaded C word) with the household votes and got the wood x-backs. The decision was not all in your control. Now have to find some fabric to recover the seats. Not the greatest of quality, but the color and shape does work well with the cabinet in the background. A four of them cost the price of one of the other choices.

I have samples of all the fabrics above in hand.

Now I need to replace the bookcase/art/clutter on the wall to the left of the window.

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I really like them! The dark brown is a lovely contrast. Congrats!!

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Annie Deighnaugh

They look good! Thanks for letting us know how it turned out.

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They look very nice and seem to coordinate with the table against the wall and also with your wood end tables. Now you're on to fabric choices!

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Holly- Kay

I was looking through my Frontgate catalog today and fell in love with the Bradford bar stools. Leather inside seat but outer part of the chair is upholstered. I like how the sloped arm echoes the slope on your beautiful green chairs. There is a variety of upholstery to choose from. They may look too heavy though but I really like them!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bradford barstool

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Thanks all, I hope these will do.

arapaho: I think I may replace that bookcase with a smaller console. It looks like a good match in the photo, but it is a tad bit more red than the rest.

holly-kay: I love those stools. The leg detail and cross supports are really special. I did check out Frontgate in the process, and one of the stools above is from them. What I don't like about the chairs is that for $1200 a stool, I would want to pick out my own fabric combinations!

Possible table -- I like the legs and the color seems right:

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I really like the dark brown stools-your family has excellent taste.

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