Can you apply paneling over plaster?

LorettaFMay 10, 2011

We have the old lath/plaster walls. In some of the rooms we have paid someone to come in and patch and skim coat the walls to repair the plaster.

However, we are not looking to do that in this next room. We want to apply floor to ceiling bead board paneling over the walls.

DH & I are at a stalemate over it. He doesn't think it can be done and I think it can. He thinks we need to pull off the plaster and put up drywall first for the paneling to hold to anything.

I think liquid nail and predrilled holes for finish nails will do it.

Any experience with this?

Please help save this marriage! ;)

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As I spent 3 months pulling off paneling, patching the nail holes from same and swearing at the previous owners who would do such a thing, I am probably not the one to respond to your question. The worst damage was from cutting the window trim to accommodate the paneling. But if you are determined to put paneling up, it can be nailed to the studs just like putting paneling over drywall. Please don't remove the plaster, subsequent owners of your house will thank you for not doing further damage. Drill the holes for the nails with a small bit to prevent the plaster from cracking.

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You can easily mount the panelling over the lath and plaster--no need to remove it--and thus save money. I will say this--floor to ceiling is a bit unusual for most rooms unless it's a bath or pantry/kitchen area. Remove your baseboards first before putting it up, then put them back to their original places.

Hope to see some pics!

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In 1919, the builders of our home put wainscoting over plaster in our dining room. It's still in place today - 5 ft high wainscoting in a room with 9 ft ceilings.

You win this round, lorettaf!

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