Moms and with car clutter please!

olliesmomApril 20, 2005

Hello moms (and dads)!

I was wondering if you let you little one's eat in your car? I do, and I wonder if this is a bad habit. But, it sure gets me from point A to point B sometimes.

I just got a new car and would really like to keep it clean and organized! We are building a new home and I am ALWAYS on the go picking out things, etc. with my 2yo DS, so I know that just adds to my chaos. But, I can't stand my car so dirty from the food and paper I collect throughout the day. Any advice?? THANKS-olliesmom

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Sure, we eat in the car. Not just DD, but me, too, if I'm on the run.

1) Keep plastic grocery bags in the car, tucked away in a compartment. At 2 YO, kids know how to pick up trash. Make it fun when it's time to clean up by singing the Barney Cleanup song.
2) Every single time I fill up with gas, I look for any junk that didn't get picked up already, and detrash/declutter/de-french-fry the car. Sometimes, I'll run it thru the gas station carwash, just because it feels good to have a clean exterior (kind of like the feeling when you clean and shine the sink before starting the day, just feels organized and nice).
3) Now that DD is older, her job when we come home from school, is to clean up trash, and carry things in the house that do not belong in the car.
4) Actually, DH is my biggest offender on trashing the car. I don't know how to fix his bad habits. I'm just glad he rarely drives my car :-) Every time I have to drive his car, I'm knee deep in empty drink containers, etc. I can't even bring myself to drive it until I do a quick pick-up.

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Ooh, I"m the mean mom on this one-no, I never let my kids eat or drink in the car. Ever. Not when they were tiny, not older with fast food, not now as teenagers.

I bought my (first ever in my life) brand new vehicle when I was pregnant with my first child. To be honest, I knew that the crud of food detritus that ALWAYS results from little ones and food in a car would be impossible for me to bear so I figured it was best not to even start it. So we never did. I do have to say that if you are going to have a no-food rule in the car, it probably has to be something that starts from the very beginning. I think it would be extremely difficult to enforce once the kids (and mom :) are used to it.

Oh, and I am such a neat freak I couldn't bear to let my toddlers sit in a high chair and smear food all over themselves. Just couldn't stand it. So no photos of my one year old wearing birthday cake all over the face, body and furniture, no watching them smear peas into a paste all over "brrr, gives me the shudders to think of it) etc...they feed themselves fine anyway nowadays. They'll probably be talking about mean old mom in therapy for years though!


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Mine eat in the car and we even keep a thing of snacks in the back to avoid expensive trips through fast food places... does it get out of control at times?..yes. But I find that having those trash bags that hang over the seats helps a whole bunch.


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We eat food, but only allow water to drink in the van. I have a whisk broom on board to sweep out the crumbs while I'm waiting to pick up children.

My van is cluttered, but I really don't care. We drive a lot, and the van is quieter when everyone is chewing.

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We eat in the car often. I take everything out when I get home. I agree with Trek everyone needs to pitch in and help. That way it does not "build up". If you keep up with it, it doesn't stay dirty.

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We eat in the van. In fact, because the kids are so far back, I often throw food at them. Yup. IT is as bad as it sounds. LOL. And of course, if you saw us in action you would realize it really isn't that bad. It's more like tossing a package of crackers at them. My son is going to be a great catcher for basebal. lol.

And to be honest here is really what I have-
I have a set of three drawers that fit in the back of the van. Top drawer has first aid kit, sun screen etc. Second drawer has extra clothes and a picnic blanket, third bottom drawer has snacks and juice boxes. Those are for the days we go to the park adn get hungry there or need a snack while driving.

When we get out, everyone is responsible for their stuff- in theory. But about every other week I get in there and clean it out.


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Can you describe these drawers that you're talking about? Or link to a picture? They sound very good. Thanks!

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