Does hanging a 100% polyester hoodie by the hood stretch it?

NoidedApril 18, 2014

I was wondering, does hanging a 100% polyester hoodie by the hood damage or stretch it irreversibly? Im afraid of damaging it...

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Why not just use a hanger if you are concerned? Without seeing the garment and the weave of the fabric, we're just making a baseless guess. You can actually SEE and feel the fabric and you have a problem deciding, so why would you think our suggestions have any merit based on such little information? Just use your common sense.


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Welcome to Gardenweb, Noided. There is a lot of stretch in poly knits. It should go back into shape when removed from the hook.

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Well, I guess I don't use a hanger because the coat hook is in my bedroom and it's convenient for me when I go out to have my coats/hoodies there (and it's not really a hook, it's more... rounded, so to speak). That being said, I agree that it would be safer to use a hanger. I figured I'd ask here because I really don't know a lot about clothes to have developed a common sense in the matter.

Thanks for the welcome and the answer, graywings.

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If you want to hang it from a hook, hang it from the *neckline.* There's stitching and reinforcement around the neck anyway.

I always hang them from the neckline, but at a shoulder seam instead of the center back.

It keeps the point of the hook from making a dent in the fabric.

And welcome!

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