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kiki_thinkingMay 22, 2008

I saw a mention of what seemed to me to be a very clever idea in one of the forums. Wondering if it would work -

The house we are considering purchasing has original windows and screens but not original storms. The windows all need tlc, peeling paint, some of the glazing material is cracked and coming out.

One clever poster mentioned that they had shrinkwrapped the inside of their screens with the winterizing plastic and installed the screens over the windows. I'm wondering if this would actually help, wondering if doing this and then caulking around the sides and top (but not the bottom) with a temporary caulk could help us get thru the first winter until I could have some work done on the windows the following summer. Would you do this in addition to using the plastic shrink-wrap on the inside as well?

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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We are making wooden storms. I have directions on how to make them if you'd like me to send them to you.

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I made interior storms from 1x3 furring strips, covered in heavy clear plastic, and backed with felt weather stripping, for a number of the windows in my Mother's 1903 Victorian.

The windows were, even with storms, VERY drafty.

The difference was night and day. With the interior storms installed the cold breezes went away and the kitchen and living room were MUCH more comfortable.

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