How do you organize your DVDs?

deb_nickMarch 21, 2007

Hubby has several hundred DVDs and his collection just keeps on growing. They're currently stored in different rooms but we want to bring all of them together in one location, and organize them so we can find a movie efficiently.

We'll need to categorize them, but what categories do we use, and how do we determine WHICH category a movie belongs in? For instance, I'm sure as soon as "300" is released on DVD hubby will run out and buy it, but which category does it belong in? Action-adventure, epic, fantasy?

I would really appreciate any and all ideas. Thank you!

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We just do ours alphabetically.

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Another alphabetizer. This is also how we store our cds.

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I have maybe three DVDs, so no worries there. But I have almost 300 CDs. Those are arranged roughly by classical/pop/jazz and then alphabetical by artist/group and then alphabetical by title. Keeps it pretty manageable. If I had 300 DVDs, I probably would keep them alphabetical.

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I make the kids come back into the living room, and pick them up off the floor, and put them BACK in the corner cabinet under the TV.

Seriously though, it is my great preference not to own many DVDs--the kids have movies they'll watch more than once, but there are very few adult movies I want to see often enough to justify having space for them.

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Like Steve, I only have a couple DVDs. No problem there.

But hundreds and hundreds of CDs. And they are divided (randomly) between the main and lower level of the house. migrating on whim. Upstairs there is a sort of categorical system - but what is, say, Lyle Lovett (and his large band)? Country? Pop? Swing? What is that anyway?

Menwhile down in Guyland, chaos reigns. DH is eclectic - one day it is the Anonymous 4 (ancient chanting), the next Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme. He has tons of blues and I just don't "get" the subtleties between Mississippi delta and St. Louis and Chicago schools. I alphabetized several hundred down there couple years ago, then it all went to heck.

Down the road I will bring order to these CDs somehow.

How do you store mass quantities, physically? These are all over the place, having way outgrown racks, towers, etc. Whatever I design/build, I'm thinking it has to be more horizontal than vertical and mostly eyelevel (My ankles can't see well).

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DH also have many, many CD's. We own 2 CD players, one that holds 300 CD's, the other holds 400. We've decided to keep the original cases and they're in boxes.

The way we finally organized the rest was for DH to alphabetize them by first letter only. DH knows the name of each group and I have no clue. Besides, there are many that don't even give the name. They are put into the CD cabinet in ABC order and it's been easy to keep up because each CD taken out doesn't have to find the exact spot back, just the shelf it's on. And it really doesn't take that long to scan a row of CD's looking for the one you want.

Most are on the shelves vertically because it would be too difficult to pull out one from the bottom if they were stacked on top of each other.

DH has also transferred many to a couple of IPOD's. Before the IPOD came into fashion, he had recorded his own mixes of many of his CD's. Then, he finally sold off a bunch.

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We have both, hundreds of CDs and hundreds of DVDs. We used the leather binders for a while. However, we find these to be quite inefficient. The disks fall out, and are hard to keep straight. So, we are making the switchover to media boxes. Using the Columbian cd/dvd envelopes and just alphabetizing the DVDs. Ikea and BestBuy are the only places i have been able to locate the boxes relatively inexpensively.

Just label the envelopes and keep them sorted by letter.

I actually, haven't given any thought to how to sort out the CDs. But, the DVD sorting is going well.

The boxes come with lids and a label site. So, they are stackable too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kassett Storage Box by Ikea (Set of 2)

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