Old well in kitchen?

mgspeedMay 29, 2009

You never know what you'll find in the old houses, but a well was definitely not anticipated. It's a stone well about 4 feet in diameter, and it's about 12 feet deep, with about 3 feet of water in it. I found it while removing flooring and trying to get access to the crawl space to install a new drain line.

Now the question is what, if anything, to do with it? My initial thought is to cover it back up and make sure that the flooring above it is extra secure. My designer said that she had one client who put a clear cover on one, and made it a focal point. Mine is in the corner and it would be really hard to make it a focal point, but who knows.

Any body else ever see this, any other ideas?

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I recall a recent discussion that suggests that what you have discovered may not be a well, but a cistern.

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