Marie- More postcards?! - Thanks

apoemMarch 18, 2005

We are getting postcards from someone and we don't know who. She finally left us a clue on her last postcard that said- "Marie's email friend". I can only guess that these are coming from your friend?? It sure has been nice getting them. It seems that Sue, if I remember the name correctly, is doing some traveling around the country. It has been fun getting them and reading them and looking at the places they are coming from.

So if this is your doing, thanks.

ANd if anyone else wants to send us funky stamps from far away or neat postcards from your home town - let us know.


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I don't know if you meant me, but I am not the person. I wish I were, though.

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Maybe you missed Maria's post. She is preparing to have a baby, and is saying "adieu" us for about 4 months. I'm pretty sure you mean her, because she lives in Greece, and I seem to remember something about her postcards.


Here is a link that might be useful: Maria's last post

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I saw that she is having a baby and will be gone for about four months. I was hoping that if I put this up here, she would get the message anyways. Maybe wishful thinking but there it is none the less. I have misplaced her email and wanted to thank her.


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Maybe she *will* read this anyway. She said she'd be lurking. Also, I wonder if anybody else has her email. There was a swap a while back. I forget whom she swapped with. Was it Greta?

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Marie- I recieved your email. I tried to respond. No luck. Everything I sent to you got returned to me. So here is what I was trying to tell you via email.

I knew these postcards were from you in a round about way. It was only a mystery until she included your name on the postcard. The first two she didn't and we couldn't figure out who they were from. Once I knew, I wanted to thank you. But had misplaced your email so tried via the forum. I was hoping you would see the post and at least knew that a. we appreciated it and b. we were getting postcards.

So not to worry. No problems, just great fun for us.

I loved being pregnant. I loved hearing the baby's heartbeat and seeing it grow in me via ultrasound.

We never did find out the sex. We didn't want to know. I just hope everything goes well and you have a lovely safe happy enjoyable pregnancy. I miss being pregnant and will miss it for the rest of my life.


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